Tot School 28.5mo Twins – O is For Outer Space

This is O letter week and the first day has been an adventure in outer space.  I love space and I think my boys like it too since they got to discover it with several different senses.  We started our morning making starry night counting pages.  I quickly quartered two black construction paper sheets and drew a moon with a white crayon on each.  I also wrote a number, going from 1 to 8, in the lower right corner.  I pulled out the cheap star sticker set and I let each boy put the corresponding number of stars on each sheet.  They did great counting the stars, but they still have trouble relating saying the number with the amount of things they have so I had to help a lot.  When we were done I hung them up on our fridge and the boys still wanted to play with them.  They looked at the stars, felt the stars, tried to peel a few stars off, moved them around in a different order and played with the magnets.








While they were busy playing with starry night pages mommy made some special moon sand.  I took regular table salt, added three shakes of green glitter and two drops of green food coloring.  I put it on a small plate that had a good lip to it and I would have liked to set it out on the table and let them do their own thing, but on their own they would just throw it and eat it.  So we took our pointer finger and made shapes, wrote their name and made swirly patterns in the sand, alternating who I helped.  Even a few cars got in on the action and we had our own little moon rover adventure.








By this time the boys needed something a bit less structured.  I pulled out our Mr Potato Head bin and I asked the boys to make an alien spud.  What creative little minds.  They had me laughing.








We walked outside and looked up in the sky to see if we could spot the moon.  Some days you can barely see the moon but it’s there.  Today was so cloudy that we couldn’t see the moon.  We came in for lunch and then we looked at the phases of the moon.  This normally wouldn’t be on my radar for 2.5 year olds, but I saw a cute way to show this.  I googled the moon phases and found a silly faced moon phase page.  Then I bit off the top of Oreo cookies to match the moon phases.  See why this works.  As I said the phase, I shot the Oreo over to one of the boys for eating.  Of-corse there was milk and spilling involved too.  There wasn’t any serious learning going on since the boys were focused on the cookies and the smiling faces.  But this was a highlight of the morning.  I just can’t resist seeing the smiles and all the mess as they enjoyed their cookies.

















After some backyard play to burn off that sugar energy, the boys climbed up in my lap as I read Goodnight Moon.  Off to bed they went and that was our fun morning exploring outer space.


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