Life School 28mo Twins – Valentines Bath


I have twin boys that are almost 2.5yr old.  They don’t get all the lovie dovie heart stuff.  One day if I have a little girl, I can go overboard with all the pink and hearts.  But for now Valentines is a bit more subdued.  Today I did get to have some of the pink hearts, good smelling sparkling stuff.  I made a Valentines Bath for them to play in.  I put in some bubble bath, red and pink glitter foam hearts, red tinsel, red and pink plastic heart boxes and red and pink pompoms.  To top it all off I pulled out the cherry scented red roll on soap for the boys too.  So the boys went in the bathroom and just about had a fit trying to get their clothes off so they could climb in the tub and they have a ball.  The first thing they did was push all the hearts on the edge of the tub into the water.  No sense in letting the tub stay pretty.  They each wound tinsel around their arms, each other’s head, around their ears and in between their toes.  Now they know how to say tinsel.


The pompoms were the best part.  At first the boys didn’t even know that they were hidden in and underneath all the bubbles.  I found one and showed them how to put it in a heart box.  I also showed them among all the red and pink pompoms, I had put in one very special yellow pompom.  That did it, the splashing started and you would have thought they were looking for a million dollars.  I had to shut the curtain and just peek around the top edge because it was all out, no holds barred, I’m going to find it before you, kinda search.  Now that my friends is boys.  Valentines, a time for sharing and caring, but my boys showed it’s about enjoying competition.  Now don’t get me wrong, they can be very affectionate and loving at times.  James, my curious little thing, managed to see just how many pompoms he could stick up inside the water-spout before mom finished playing with Lance.  I can attest to six pompoms fitting in the downspout and another one getting jammed up in there.  So while I should be resting or cleaning or cooking during their nap, I will be getting needlenose pliers out to retrieve a stuck pompom before dad comes home.  Dad fixes so many things for us that I just don’t think it’s fair to leave this one to him.


So it’s not my frilly pink, tulle and glitter hearts kind of Valentines experience, but not bad for two little boys.  The hearts did have glitter on them, although Lance tried to eat it all off and the roll on soap smelled sweet and lovely.  A great perk is that even after the bath, the boys smell like fresh picked cherries.  I’m sure I’ll pull out a few heart crafts next week, but I think this will be the best Valentines thing that the boys get to do this year.


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