Tot School 28mo Twins – M is for Magnets & Mazes


Our M learning actually started back on Sunday when dad went with us to a local park in Allen, Tx that has a maze for kids.  Mazes are just fun.  You can walk, run, hide, jump and go a new way each time.  Mazes also give a little one a chance to use those problem solving skills.  As the picture shows, sometimes they just can’t decide and get frustrated, but when they stick with it, they eventually figure a way out.  Sometimes that learning is by trial and error or dead-end paths.100_2619100_2623  Using their brain to make decisions on which way to go builds those little neuron pathways.







It’s such fun watching them giggle as they call for their brother.  Their whole body gets a workout in this maze.  As James shows, even the facial muscles get in a good workout.


Every day since Sunday has been magnet day.  Oh what fun magnets are around our house.  When I was imagining what we would do with our magnets I had a few ideas.  Now dad, he took the magnets to a whole other level that I hadn’t thought about.  Did you know that magnets can hop on their own?  If you put the negative sides towards each other you can make them hop or chase them around the floor.  We even had a magnet race this morning!  How about this one, the mysterious moving magnet?  If you take a magnet under the table, it will move the ones on the top of the table.  Now that’s some cool magic for a toddler to see.DSC_02600

The boys, on their own, slide the magnets down the slide and watch them pull together on their own down at the bottom.  They stack them.  They try to eat them.  They try to pull them apart.  Those two boys have even learned that they can have magnet wars, they each hold their stack close to their brother’s stack and see who can get magnets from their brother.  Now I would not have thought of that I can assure you.


Today we took our magnets and went around the house seeing what they would stick to.  We tried the cabinets, the fridge, the walls, the door stoppers, stuffed animals, plates, silverware, couch, crib, wooden climber, the windows, the doors and more than I can name.  All I had to do was show them a few places to try and then they took off laughing and trying to find things that would hold their magnets.  It was quite the morning.


Only one more day of M activities.  I’ve really enjoyed exploring these fun things during the last two weeks.  The kids have had fun and learned a few new things too.


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