Life School 28mo Twins

Valentines, a time for love,  a time to make hearts, a time for red and pink painting and a time for spending money on junk usually.  I want to teach my boys that valentines is also about showing that you care.  You may not love someone in the traditional way, but showing others that you appreciate them means a lot too.  So yesterday afternoon the boys made muffins.  In my world, food means love and appreciation.  I’m a sucker for a nice meal and or desserts.   If you’ve read my past posts, you know my boys can cook so I didn’t take any new pictures of them in the kitchen.  The only thing I did was pull out everything, open the bags of mixes, help pour the milk and put the tins in the oven.  We made blueberry muffins and strawberry muffins this time.  The “mmmms” in our kitchen from the boys licking the spatulas while the muffins cooked made me laugh.  I definately think they have the sound of the letter M down.  This morning we packaged the muffins up and went over to the local fire department to say thank you for serving us.  Those firefighters were so nice.  They put the boys up in the engine then let them turn on all the lights of the ambulance.  They even got to see the giant boots and pants that the guys keep ready and waiting.  We went to say thanks and these great people gave my boys something special in return.  This was a great experience in how to show appreciate to someone.  I hope they can look at my life and see me doing things to show my thanks to others and not just see mom taking.  For I know that I’m setting an example of how to live.  I’m also physically showing them the characteristics of Jesus Christ.  We will do more acts of kindness in the months to come and sometimes we’ll be rewarded like today and other times we’ll learn that kindness is done just to be kind and thankful.  Thank you Richardson Fire Department Station 5.

100_2638 100_2634 100_2635


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