Tot School 28mo Twins – M is for Museum

We love art around here.  Well we love crafts and the art it produces.  As far as real art, what is real art anyways?  To help answer that question we took a trip down to the Dallas Art Museum today for their 1st Tuesday for Kids.  When we got there, there is a big grassy area with a giant red metal x in the middle.  Lance broke free from my grasp and tried to climb it before I got to him.  After we got inside we went down to the kid’s area and started with a project exploring what you can make with different materials.  James wanted to munch on the Qtips and Lance wanted to pull all of the blue tape off the roll.  With a little prompting, the boys both made an art piece.  We put them in our bag, but by the time we got home, only one was in there.  Maybe someone will see James’ artwork and decide to put it on display.  Ha!


Then on we went to explore tearing & taping paper, colored tape, textured tile rubbings, soap carving and stuffing puppets.  After that fun-filled experience, we took off on our own to look at the real art in the museum.  We met up with my best friend and her kids for a brief bit while we looked at a small gallery of contemporary art.  A room full of pink cellophane art, a compressed toothpick square, paint poured on the floor and other strange pieces didn’t make much of an impression on me or the boys.  The boys are getting exposed to the real world of art I remind myself.  We will come back on another day with hand leashes or dad and look at the traditional art and talk about shapes and colors.  For today though, it was all contemporary.


Our friends took off to other areas of the museum while we headed outside to the sculptures.  Now the boys seemed to like these better.  Metal, water, birds and being able to make noise made this a great place to explore art.


Lastly, we headed home and made some art ourselves before our nap.  Does the picture below of our art piece remind you of another piece?  The boys apparently have a talent for replication art!  Ha!


So back to our original question: What is art?

Art is metal, climbable, colorful, abstract, hands on, don’t touch, quiet, inside, outside, wet, dry, slick, wooden, papery and on some occasions even munchable.  Art is many things, but art is the best when it’s two little twin boys having fun making memories together and learning.


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