Tot School 28mo Twins – M is for Motor Skills

I dropped off the face of the earth last week so I could have the flu.  Now I’m back and since we missed most of the fun M activities, we are doing the M letter again this week.  Today we worked on motor skills.

Gross Motor Skills

This morning I took some string and hung a loofah puff from the ceiling fan chain.  I made it right at the boys’ head height.  Without a word of instruction my twins took off.  Running into it, hitting it, swinging it, pulling it and jumping at it.  Every time the loofah came swinging back and bopped them on the face they just laughed.  It actually got a bit much and mom had to settle the boys down so no one would get hurt.  It’s good to get those hands spread wide and bat at things in the air, to bend those legs and spring upwards, to use hand and eye coordination.  If I had given them a bat, it would have looked like crazy air T-ball but I think a few heads might have been wacked in the process.  Something to try another day or maybe another year.


Fine Motor Skills

Pompoms.  Soft. Fluffy. Colorful.  Bring them out, add 2yr olds and you have an instant party.  I spiced up that party by adding two neon colored cups and two shiny tongs.  Lance went to town picking up the balls and putting them in his cup.  James took a bit longer to get the hang of using tongs.  After the small tongs were loosing their appeal, I brought out two large cooking tongs and the boys went into a frenzy of fun.  They were picking up toys, pompoms and each other’s shirts off their backs.  After a bit, their hand muscles must have gotten tired because they started dropping or missing the pompoms and they both got whiny.  So we put the tongs away and just used the cups to scoop up all the balls and drop them into a larger container for safe keeping.


The boys’ were worn out after a busy morning of simple play.  I take for granted all the learning that can happen when we put away the toys and do a simple task or two.  I take for granted how sweet their laughter is when they are playing together.  I take for granted how God delights in watching all of His creation learn, grow and play.


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