Tot School 27.5mo Twins – M is for Mailbox & Magnifying Glass

This has been a hard morning.  All three of us are sick.  So no hard play or going somewhere.  We are working on the letter M this week and I pulled out two activities that wouldn’t tire everyone out.

I gave the boys a magnifying glass.  We looked at everything around the house.  We saw a bug crawling across the floor and I asked the boys if they could find its trail using the magnifier.  That was funny.  Lance kept saying “Oh bug, where’d you come from?”  It’s not an activity that I can write a lot about, but it did take up a chunk of time to keep the twins busy.










Our next M activity took some time.  We made a mailbox out of a cardboard box.  I expected it to be somewhat hard, but it was really easy.  I took a big toilet paper box and cut the flap off of one end.  I taped the box up and taped the flaps on the top.  I used regular packing tape and the boys got a kick out of helping me pull it off the roll.  I used a box cutter to make a window at the top to put the letters in and a window at the bottom to get the mail out.  I used Elmer’s glue to glue two pieces of scrap wood for the handles.  Lastly we all painted the front of the box with blue temper paint.  If you make one, just know that temper paint flakes off packing tape when dry.  I found this out by experience so I grab a vacuum and went to work on the loose paint.  The boys love it.  They are even being polite holding open the door for their brother to put his envelope in.  These two activities have been a great help for two sick boys.  They can rest and still have fun with low energy play.



One comment on “Tot School 27.5mo Twins – M is for Mailbox & Magnifying Glass

  1. Beth says:

    We took our magnet around the house and put it on just about everything to find out what is magnetic and what is not. Lots of laughter when trying to see if the dog was magnetic. Roxie was not impressed.

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