Tot School 27.5mo Twins – L is for Messy Animals

We’ve had a good time discovering animals that begin with the letter L.  We got a suggestion from a friend to sing Old MacDonald using the animal movements with the sounds and the boys enjoyed doing it.  I threw in some strange animals that wouldn’t be on a farm but since they started with L, I used them anyway.  They were a leopard and a ladybug and we used them for craft ideas too.

For the leopard, I taped a piece of foil onto a rolling-pin.  Cut out four circular pieces of foam and taped them onto the foil.  I drew a quick leopard, freehand using my dog as the model, so don’t laugh when you see he picture because the boys think that’s how a leopard looks.  I taped the pages down to the table and let the boys color the leopards orange.  I didn’t have black paint, but we had brown so I brushed the foam dots with the brown paint and handed the rolling-pin to each boy.  They loved the rolling.  Even after all the paint had come off, they kept rolling.  It doesn’t produce the best looking leopard, but the activity motion is great.  Then we talked about how fast a leopard could run and so we ran as fast as we could through the house.








The ladybug this morning was quite the hit with all of us.  I got two paper bowls and turned them upside down.  I then squirted out a mound of red finger paint onto the top of each bowl and told the boys to cover the back of the bowl.  They were having a good time, the phone rang, I answered and tried to keep things under control while I talked.  Guess what, it didn’t work.  What happened was the boys had a really fun free for all.DSC_0216  The picture doesn’t do justice to the mess.  It was on my clothes, the boys’ clothes, the table, the chairs, the floor and James tried to use his paint as eyeliner while Lance used his paint as lipstick.  Now why didn’t I get a picture of those details?  Well, it all washes off easily.

So after 10min of cleanup, we set aside the bowls to dry.  After lunch we came back to finish our ladybugs.  I cut out the black construction paper pieces to complete the look.  I put the glue on the back of the pieces and let the boys put them where they wanted them, with some suggesting from mom.  They giggled, punched them a few times (they are boys!) and loudly said ladybugs.  We ended with a quick reminder that God made everything, even these two “L” animals.



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