Tot School 27.5mo Twins – L is for Ladder

What do little boys love to do?  Climb!  What do you climb?  Ladders.  There’s the theme for our tot school today.

Oh the things you can do with ladders.  We started out making our own construction paper ladders.  I quickly drew out a block “L” on white paper and taped them down to the table.  I folded a green sheet of construction paper in half and cut then made it into little strips.  I set the glue out for the boys to glue the strips on so the L looked like a ladder.  What happened was they both went for eating the glue.  So I took the bottle and had them help me squeeze out the glue and draw it out in lines.  Then the boys got to place the strips.DSC_0199  I had to do a bit of readjusting on a few pieces that were being put way off the mark.  I was enjoying watching Lance curl up and then flex out his little fingers while he was working.  I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t notice James licking the glue off his fingers and swiping for more.  I guess we all ate a bit of glue as kids.  I hung them up on the fridge and now my boys say “I made a ladder” whenever I open the door.DSC_0200


While I went to go get the real ladders out, the boys played with another L activity.  I was coming down the stairs with one of the ladders and saw James launching the batman car across the kitchen table.  I promptly praised him for finding a L activity and repeated the word launch several times.


Now we get to the main part and what I believe the boys thought was best part.  I set up the small kitchen two-step ladder and the larger 6ft ladder.  We talked about smaller vs larger sizes.  Then the climbing began.  Up, down, trade ladders with brother.  When that got old they decided to move them over to the light switches.  Again, we talked about another “L” thing, light vs dark.  They wore themselves out moving the large ladder around to the three different switch plates.


This was not a complicated tot school.  It was very hands on, very fun for the boys and they got to feel very grown up by mommy allowing them to move the ladders all on their own.  I wasn’t so sure about they could do it safely, but their little faces just glowed with pride.


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