Tot School 27.5mo Twins – L is for Lightning Bug

Another week where our featured letter show cases one of my twin’s name.  The letter L has made itself home this morning.  During breakfast I pulled out the Letter Factory’s Fridge Phonics and we listened to the L sound over and over.  So much so that I don’t know if we really need to do anything to drive home the letter L.  After we finished eating the boys climbed up so they could play with the magnets.  We spelled out Lance’s name and I made them leave it there so we can come back to it frequently during the week.DSC_0196

A bit later in the morning we did our craft, centering around a lightning bug.  I got this idea from No Time For Flash Cards.  While the boys were off playing chase, I took two dark blue sheets of paper and drew an outline of a moon in the corners.  Then I used a yellow highlighter to make some stars.  I set those aside and got out four band aids and some yellow glow in the dark paint.  I did a quick once over with the paint and let them dry.DSC_0187

When I saw the original piece in the blog, it looked so cute and perfect so I had to mentally prepare myself all morning that my children would be making these and they would not look as cute.  We had a friend over to do this craft with us and I’m thankful another mom was there to add some distraction when I was helping each kid.  I let them color the moon with a white crayon and a bit more than the moon was colored I have to say.  Enter lower cuteness factor, but ups the motor skills practice.DSC_0189

 Then I peeled off the backing on a regular band aid and I let the boys put it any where they wanted on the page.  Then I helped them put on two of the glowing yellow band aids in a crisscross fashion.  I dipped a small paintbrush in the yellow paint and helped the boys dot the page with additional stars that will glow in the night, just like I hope our lightning bug will do.  I quickly added the face and antennae with a black marker.  We set them aside for the time being.


We sang a little song to go with the light theme. “This little Light of Mine.”  I made sure that they held up their pointing finger when they sang.  They sang it sitting down, sang standing in the kitchen yelling it at each other and they sang while they played chase.  I can say that they now know this song  & the motions.

The best part was taking the boys into our bathroom where it gets completely dark.  Those little bugs and stars just shine out and the boys giggle at them every time.  We went in to look at the bugs quite a lot this morning.  Now the pages are hanging up in their room so the boys can watch them glow as the boys drift off to sleep tonight. 

This afternoon we’ll have some more lightning bug fun with the felt bug  that I cutout during their nap.  There’s a cute little story about a lightning bug that lost her light and how she gained it back. 

This was a fun morning to start our learning of the letter L.  I hope this will continue to be a fun and inspiring week of L activities.  I’m very grateful for setting my expectations of what this craft would look like.  Without doing that, I would have been so disappointed but instead I got to see the cuteness of their unique abilities and all the fun the boys had looking at it glow.  I want to try to set these expectations more often so I enjoy my own to little bugs even more.


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