Tot School 27.5mo Twins – K is for Kernel

Kernel?  What do you do with kernels and  two year-old twin boys?  I’ll tell you.  Turn them into a cool sensory bin that’s what.  This bin got them giggling like crazy.  I know, it didn’t seem funny to me but they had a ball.  Last night we played with it two different times and this morning we played with it again.  The great thing is it’s very easy to set up and clean up with no messy clothes!  I bought some cheap popcorn kernels at the grocery store and poured them in a plastic tub.  I threw in a measuring cup, 2 measuring spoons and two little people cars.  Nothing needs washing afterwards, just a quick sweep and throw the kernels back in the bin.  Here’s what the boys did with the kernels before I made it more educational.  They buried the measuring cup but left the bottom exposed.  When they dumped kernels onto it they made a clinking sound that raises the roof in laughter over and over and over.  They poured using the spoons, they buried the cars, they poured with their hands, they tasted, the rolled the kernels on the floor, they tried to bounce them and they just made mounds and raked their fingers though the bin.  Nothing complicated, but very entertaining to these two boys.DSC_0173

Since tot school is time that is focused on learning something specific, I asked the boys a few questions about the kernels.  Are they flat or round?  Hot or cold?  Soft or hard?  Bouncy or not?  Light or heavy?  They are 2, so I didn’t put much stock into their answers but it does give them practice in thinking about answers to my questions.  This was also a great time to work on being responsible.  When they got rambunctious and the kernels went flying across the floor, I’d corral the kernels back but the boys had to pick them up and put them back in the bin.  With that said, as I was sitting on the floor this morning I saw a truck load of kernels that are under the refrigerator waiting to be reached.  So be mindful that these things roll everywhere but they are easy to sweep up.  A great thing to remember is that I can simply pour the kernels back into the original container and they will keep for a long time.  Meaning we can do this again and again without buying anything more.  These small little kernels brought to mind the story of the mustard seed and so I’m grateful and have faith that God will lead me in my mothering and He will fill in the missing pieces of my parenting.


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