Tot School 27mo Twins – K is for Karaoke, Key Lime Pie & Knuckle Bumps

We are starting this week with the letter K.  I had a harder time coming up with K activities until I looked in the dictionary for ideas.  Here’s what I came up with for today.

DSC_0159 The boys have a pair of very obnoxious microphones that include stupid 60’s sounding background music, which my boys love to hear.  They go around the house singing or just making noise with these.  So I decided to have a little karaoke party with them.  We sang all of their songs with a toddler music cd.  So that was the fun part of this activity.  The learning came when I told them that this type of singing was called karaoke.  You haven’t laughed hard until you heard a two-year old try to say “karaoke, baby!”  This is certainly a new word in their vocabulary.





 I told the boys that we were going to bake.  The celebration and hollering that followed my announcement could rival any college football game.  They like baking that much!  We put on the aprons that grandma Davis made for them for Christmas, pulled up the chairs and away we went.  I hadn’t attempted a pie with these boys yet so this was something new.  They loosely measured, dumped and patted down the graham cracker crust, with a wee bit of sampling too.


While the crust was baking we made our Key Lime Pie filling.  Yes, this is how it connects with the letter of the week and the boys can proudly say key lime pie.  It was a simple recipe to do with kids.  They poured two cans of sweetened condensed milk, 1 cup sour cream and 1/2 cup lime juice into a bowl and stir until well mixed.  If you let your kids do as much as you dare, they will learn to do a lot of things, but it won’t always be neat or precise.  Take a look at the two pictures below.  We started out neat and controlled and ended with a big mess that extended up to the armpits of each boys and went dripping down the side of the counter and onto the floor.  But hey, the dog got some extra flavor today!








Even after cleaning up all that sticky mess, I am glad those two boys like to get in the kitchen with me.  Now we have a great pie to share with daddy.



The last activity was a bit confusing to the boys.  We practiced knuckle bumps.  While the pie was cooling, they took my oven mitts and had a good time knuckle bumping each other with the mitts on.  What makes the mitts seem more funny than a regular knuckle bump?  I don’t know but they do make it funnier to my two-year olds.  I wrote out the word knuckle and showed them that it started with a letter K but I said that it was silent.  Obviously they didn’t get it, but it was just too much fun not to include knuckle bumps into the day.

I just marvel at how my children love to cook and bake with me.  I’m a food lover at heart and it overjoys me to share my passion with these tiny two boys.  I count this as my mercy from God today.  Each and every morning God shows me something new and beautiful about my children, even during the midst of the toddler chaos that always comes.


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