Tot School 27mo Twins – J Is For Just Stop

Today is a good reminder to all moms out there that no one has a perfect family.  Mine is so far from it but y’all don’t get to see all the things that go wrong or my bad attitude at times.  Y’all mainly see me and the kids having fun doing crafts and learning about life.  So take today’s post and remember that no matter how perfect a family may seem, everyone has their moments and one of ours was today.  I had planned out some great ideas centering around a jungle theme since it is “J” letter week.  I pulled out the jumping alphabet mat and all the boys wanted to do was pop out the letters, run around with them while they chewed on them.  I would have been fine with the running around with the letters, but chewing destroys the letters so I had to put that away.  Next I made a simple color sorting sheet for our jelly beans.  Instead of counting or sorting colors, my boys just wanted to eat them.  They became rudely insistent on grabbing them out of the bowl to stuff them into their mouths.  So I had to put that up.

DSC_0156  I made a cute lunch bag lion puppet so we could run through the jungle and roar.  Lance took a bite out of it and so it went away too.  I quickly made a paper plate tiger face so we could pur and growl like a tiger.  James smashed it so hard against his face that it broke in half.  I didn’t have to put that away because James said oh no and then threw it in the trash can for me. 








We have several sock monkeys so I thought we could play with them and make them swing like real monkeys do.   Our monkeys took a wild ride when they were thrown in the air and across the room.  So you probably guessed, the monkeys were taken away.  I had many more jungle things that I thought would be so much fun, but I just had to stop.  My house was becoming a real jungle with two little savages of opposing tribes.  The boys were just too rowdy being cooped up in the house to do anything more than just plain ol playing.  When I let go, they just chased each other for the longest time before they tired themselves out and were ready for a nap.  So when your day is not going well, stop and consider if a change of plans would work better and give you and your kids some grace.  I’m thankful that God gives me the same grace when I’m less than a perfect mom.


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