Tot School 27mo Twins – J is For Jello & Fine Motor Skills

The second day of the letter J was fun.  I was busy this morning at BSF, so we did tot school this afternoon.  While the twins took a nap, I made one box of orange jello and two boxes of raspberry jello.  When the boys woke up I cut the jello into small squares and dumped it all into a bin for some sensory play with two scoops, two spoons and five marbles that I added toward the end.

DSC_0136  The first thing those boys did was grab the spoons and start eating.  They are just being themselves, food is a priority and they ate and ate and ate a lot of jello today.

DSC_0139DSC_0141   Lance finally decided to pick the jello up with his hands to eat it.  I showed them how to squish it between their fingers and that started the experimenting.  What made my boys laugh?  Squishing it through their fingers, throwing it up on the sides so it sticks, feeding it to their brother, plopping it down, scooping & dumping, making it wiggle and jiggle in the bin, making it wiggle and jiggle in their mouths/in their hands/on their arms (you name it & they used it to jiggle) and of-course searching for the lost marbles in the jello.

DSC_0142  It wasn’t my favorite sensory bin, but the boys sure liked it.  When I threw in five marbles, they used their hands, the scoops and the spoons to fish them out.  They counted each one as they plopped it into my hands.  After the second search and rescue, they started throwing them back in the bin and mixing it all up so it would harder to find the marbles.

DSC_0143  As most sensory bins go around here, it was messy.  It’s just hard to keep a hand on two toddler boys at the same time so everything stays neat.  As my cousins says, little boys are noise with dirt on it.DSC_0145

After dinner we did a little fine motor skill work.  It was very easy for me.  I took a piece of small bubble wrap and tore it into two pieces.  I handed it to James and Lance.  They immediately sat down and started popping.  I immediately sat in the comfy chair for the next 15min as they worked hard at popping those bubbles.  It may not seem creative, original or impressive, but those boys got in a workout for those little hand muscles.



One comment on “Tot School 27mo Twins – J is For Jello & Fine Motor Skills

  1. mudalaki says:

    What a great sensory bin idea – while I am sure it is very messy, I think my daughter would like to try it too. If bubble wrap means peace for 15 minutes then I must bring out some bubble wrap 🙂

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