Tot School 27mo Twins – J is For Jumping


Our new letter of the week is J.  What a fun letter for us.  James begins with J and so we have all made a big deal out of his name this morning.  We also listed all of their friends and our extended family that have J names: Judy, Johnny, Janie, John, Jack, Johnathan and Josiah.  Our bible story this week  just happens to have a J name too.  We are in Genesis 27, reading about when Jacob stole the family blessing away from Esau.

There’s way too many ideas that go along with the letter J so I might do a different J theme each day this week, if I have time to prepare.  Today we focused on jumping.  We practiced jumping with both feet off the ground in the living room.  Then we moved to jumping off the climbing structure.  DSC_0133

We ended by playing the alphabet mat jumping game.  We have a foam alphabet mat that I put together on the floor.   We pointed to each letter and said its name.  We stepped on each letter as we sang the alphabet song.  I also would say a letter and have the boys jump on it.  They sometimes needed some help with where the letter was located.  Lastly I would randomly put my hand on a letter and ask what sound it made.  Lance has them down pat.








After nap time today, I think we’ll go down to the park and do some jumping on the playground.


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