Tot School 27mo Twins – Ice Luminary

I’ve gotten behind in my post.  Friday we did a great project centering around the letter “I” and the ice theme.  We made an ice luminary with a few things that most people have on hand.

I found a plastic jar and a cup that would fit nicely inside with some room all the way around it.  I gathered some marbles to put inside the cup to weight it down so it wouldn’t float off when we poured the liquid in.  I had the boys put the marbles in one by one as we counted them.  We used 11 marbles, by the way.  I filled up a 1c measuring cup and let each boy put a small squeeze of yellow food coloring in the water then stir it with a spoon.  They watched as mommy poured the colored water into the space between the containers.  I stuffed tissues in the top of all four sides until I got the inner cup standing pretty straight in the center.  Then we all walked over to the freezer and put the container inside.


A few hours later we repeated the same steps but with green coloring and then a few more hours later we repeated again with red coloring.  We let it freeze again overnight.  Saturday morning I took out the marbles and poured warm water into the inner container, replacing the water as it got cold, until the cup came out.  I had the boys touch the outside and said cold, then they put their finger in the warm water and I said warm.DSC_0126  Below in the picture, the boys are listened for the pop of the ice while slightly melting.

  My husband cut the top of the outer jar and ran warm water on the outside of it until the ice was ready to slide out onto a plate.  Then we took the ice luminary, sitting on the plate and put it back in the freezer.  At dinner time, I took our luminary out and put a votive candle in the middle and lit it.  What a pretty glow.  Lance was very impressed and repeated “pretty” several times.  James just smiled and watched it.  I pointed out the places where the colors mixed and made a new color.  I didn’t do a lot of explaining, but I think they enjoyed the process and seeing the outcome.  It was a good way to finish out our “I” week.




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