Tot School 27mo Twins – Chilly Snow

Along with starting the weekly stories we have started back with a letter of the week.  This week’s letter is I.  As I was thinking about a good I project the twins came up to me asking for ice in their cups.  They love, love, love ice.  That’s when I remembered that Learn With Play At Home did a great sensory bin awhile back using cloud dough and ice.  I gathered up my supplies and asked the boys to help me make cloud dough.  It’s very simple.  We put 4cups of flour in a bowl, added 1/2 cup vegetable oil then got our hands dirty by mixing.  I also added a few drops of peppermint abstract to make it smell wintry.


When it crumbled and held small mounds, then it was time to make our “snow” into something chilly.  I popped our bowl into the freezer for 45min.  When I took it out I moved it into a bigger plastic bin so the boys could play with it better.  But right before they dove in, I had them each reach into the freezer and place a few ice cubes in the bin.  That’s what makes this really chilly snow.


I placed the bin in the middle of our kitchen because it has tile floors.  I let the boys start playing as I went off to quickly find some things to put into the sensory bin.  I came back with 2 cars and some measuring spoons, but o my surprise, the boys had gotten the stacking cups out of the toy bin and threw them in.  So that made a very fun bin to play in.DSC_0111

If you’ve been following my blog, then you would know that along with playing in the snow, a little of the ice had to be eaten because Lance eats everything.


If I had thought about, I would have put down our shower curtain before playing.  This can get quite messy if they really get to playing.DSC_0115  In fact, this snow ended up everywhere in our kitchen.  The boys played with this bin for almost an hour.  DSC_0122During this time I had to go to the bathroom.  In the short amount of time I was away, they had dumped a truck full of snow onto the dog food box, the window sill and the kitchen chairs.  I know if I had come back and saw them just starting to make the mess that I would have yelled and gotten mad.  Since the huge mess was already made I just joined in the fun and we had a great time.  Cars were zooming around, hand and footprints as well as just toe prints were made and marching through the snow on the floor was a big hit.  Cups were filled and dumped and of course shirts and pants were used as rags to clean off their hands.  Did I also mention the fun of sampling this concoction?  The boys sampled, I just politely declined when the boys offered.  Now, for those of you moms who are clean freaks, think long and hard about whether you could handle this.  This was the mess of two-year old boys.  It took me half an hour to get it all cleaned up.  I swept, I mopped, I washed out the gunk from the broom, stripped each boy down because they were pasted and washed hands/feet/faces.  No amount of wiping with a towel would make them look clean.  It was worth it though.  To see the creativity of how each boy played in the snow and know that this was a sensory experience for sight, touch, taste and smell.  Besides, they are boys.  As the nursery rhyme says, little boys are made of dirt and a big dirty mess fit the bill this morning along with a bunch of laughter and learning.


 Not a happy boy when momma said time to clean up!



One comment on “Tot School 27mo Twins – Chilly Snow

  1. Michelle says:

    This looks so fun. I’m going to try it. We don’t get any real snow here to play in, so this will be a good substitute.

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