Tot School 27mo Twins – Piggy Banks

I’m back to reading a story from the Bible for the whole week.  This week we are reading Acts 5:1-10.  It’s the story of Ananias and Sapphira.  If you aren’t familiar, this couple sold some land.  They took a portion of it the temple to give to God.  That was great, but when a priest asked if this was all the money they got from the sale, they lied and didn’t confess that they kept some of it for themselves.  So this week’s ideas will center around lying and money.

DSC_0102My boys have a fascination with their piggy banks and they just love to drop coins into them.  Yesterday, after reading our story I went and brought both piggy banks into the living room.  We all sat down and opened each piggy bank.  Then I asked each one to sort the coins.  That didn’t go as I had planned.  James started sorting but he wanted to put all the silver shiny ones together and all the brown ones together.  Lance just wanted to pull all of the money into his lap.  I reminded Lance that he was being greedy and he proudly admitted to it.  We’ve had a few laughs lately since they’ve caught onto the understanding of being greedy.  Just this morning Lance told the dog that she was being greedy when she tried to eat his bagel.  The main point of the story is not to lie, but the subject of being greedy applies to the story too so we weren’t too far off in our discussion this morning with the money.








After they had dropped all the money back in the piggy banks, I reminded them that it doesn’t matter how much or how little money you have.  It is what you do with your money, like what you spend it on and doing honest things with it.  My desire is to teach my children to save.  Why do I want them to save?  Obviously for security reasons, but when you have money, you have opened up doors to being able to say yes to what God wants you to do.  That’s not to say you can’t serve without money, but it does make some avenues available that might not be otherwise.  My boys’ eyes light up when they get money to put in the piggy banks.  I want that excitement to spill over into their financial service to God and others.  At the beginning of that service is being honest in how you mange your money.

I’m very grateful that God has had mercy on our family and has blessed us with good financial management.  May I remember to be content and be truthful about my attitude concerning our budget.  I’m the boys’ first example of how to mange money since they are with me as I shop.  May I be as excited this year to save my coins as my boys are and to do mighty works with what we’ve been given.


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