Tot School 27mo Twins – Floating Fireworks

I just love science!  Based on today, my twin boys like science too.  We’ll just have to wait and see if they have the same enthusiasm in high school.  On Friday we made paper fireworks and today we made exploding fireworks in water.  I got this idea from I Can Teach My Child.

The boys & I rummaged around until we found a big glass mason jar.  I filled it 3/4 way full with warm water and set it in the middle of the table.  I took a bowl and let the boys measure out approximately 4 Tbps of vegetable oil in it.  Then we took all four basic colors in the food coloring kit and I let each kid help me squeeze four drips of each color into the oil.  It doesn’t look like much, but when we do this again, I might only use 3 drops of each color.   I gave the boys a fork and let them mix away.  That was interesting in itself.  It was pretty with all the colors breaking up into tiny floating beads.  I wish I had taken a picture of it.


I had the boys climb into the chairs so they could watch the fireworks show.  I poured the oil mixture into the jar.  At first nothing happened.  A few seconds later the oil rose to the top and a few strands of color started reaching for the bottom.   Then it just exploded out with color going everywhere.


James was so excited he yelled “oh look” and just couldn’t hardly help himself from climbing onto the table to get a closer look.


Lance was curious at the oil on top with its swirling tan bubbles.   The whole thing took only about 2 min before the colors had mixed so much that a was an inky dark mess.  I showed them how the oil separated from the water.  During the mixing we named the different colors and looked at how some of them blended to make other colors like purple or brown.  There little faces were sad when I said it was over and that once the colors mixed, they could never be separated again.  I’m going to put this little project in my back pocket for a rainy day and for when they are older so I can explain more of the science behind our floating, exploding fireworks.  So I am thanking God that my mercy for the day is science.  May we all keep learning and exploring.  Happy New Year!


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