Tot School 27mo Twins – Fireworks & Pianos

New Year’s Eve is a fun celebration, except for the fact that my boys are too young to stay up until midnight.  For that matter, it’s hard for me to do that now.  I wanted to do a few things that they could participate in now and during the day on Monday.  Yesterday we set out to make our own fireworks.  I taped two pieces of white copy paper down to the table.  Gave the twins Crayola washable markers and let them have fun coloring the page.  I cut out a medium-sized circle from each page.  Then I took the boys to the bathroom where there’s two stepstools so they can reach the sink.  I folded each circle twice to make little cone shapes.  I let each boy hold their cone from the tip end and let the water run down the paper cone.  We ran our fingers up and down the paper, holding it over the sink to catch color drops.  I took the paper over to a counter, unfolded them, laid them on kleenex to absorb any color drops and went back to help the boys wash off the marker.  When the pages where dry, I took a black marker and made a few more curved lines that look like fireworks exploding.  You do have to use your imagination but it does give you a sense of fireworks and my boys loved the project.



On the weekend we don’t do crafts or tot school usually, but dad did a little impromptu lesson.  The three of them were sitting on the piano bench.  Phil was playing and the other two were banging right along.  It’s a joyful sound of racket!  I think Lance bent down to see under the front plate to where the keys are.  So my husband just lifted up the front panel and slid it off.  Wow, the boys seems to soak it all in.  We briefly talked about when we hit a key, it moves a lever and that lever strikes the strings on the back and the strings make the note.  Not very in-depth, but watching the mechanics of a piano was sure interesting to them.  I love to watch my husband with the boys because he shows them different things than I think of.  With both mom & dad, my boys are getting a great informal education about the world around them.



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