Tot School 26.5mo Twins – Sensory Painting

I am christmased out, especially in the craft department.  So yesterday afternoon our craft wasn’t a tree or red and green.  I saw a great post about sensory painting on No Time For Flashcards.  I decided we would try it and the boys liked it.  They had the chance to use four of their senses which always adds to the learning.

I taped two white sheets of paper down to the table.  I pulled out cinnamon, sage and curry because of their colors.  I poured each spice into a separate bowl and added water.  If you try this, don’t worry if the spice doesn’t mix into the water very well and if you don’t have these three spices in your pantry, any of them will do.  Just try to get ones that have different colors to make the painting look better.  I really wanted to use paprika for the red, but my boys taste everything and I thought that might be a bit much for them.

Then the fun began.  I handed each boy a paint brush and I set the bowls in between them.  Before they dove into painting, I lifted the bowls, one at a time, so the boys could smell it.  Then I told them the name of the spice and had them repeat it back to me.  While they painted, the room smelled aromatic.  All three of my spices have a strong smell.  The cinnamon and the curry came out smooth while the sage clumped and add texture to the paintings.  I had the boys feel each spice to see if it felt smooth or grainy in the bowl and how it looked on the paper too.  The fifth sense, taste came in as the boys licked their hands and sometimes the brush.


The boys were having a good time painting and my best friend called me on the phone.  It’s hard to connect sometimes so I thought I could have a little chat while they painted.   Oh no.  Was I ever wrong.  As soon as they realized that my attention wasn’t completely focused on them, they took their painting from a good time to a wildly great time.  James was painting the table with his hands as he grabbed handfuls of the spice paint and Lance was dipping his brush in the paint then flinging it in any direction that looked clean.


So I quickly got off the phone, washed the boys up and crawled around on  my hands and knees to wipe paint up from the floor and off the walls.  Had it not been for the last few minutes of chaos, this would have been a fantastic activity.  Well, I think because of the messy chaos, the boys would call this a fantastic activity.  They experienced something new and it’s not very often that we get to incorporate smell into our crafts.  If you try this, don’t expect a masterpiece either.  It’s more like modern impressionism of fall.DSC_0085

I am thankful for the small mercy of spices and am reminded that God has given us a creative and colorful world to discover.  I am so glad to share it with my twin boys.


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