Tot School 26.5mo Twins – Reindeer

We have only five days left to do magical and fun Christmas crafts!  This month has flown by and in January we will still be doing crafts, but just  at a much slower pace because we’ll be getting back to focusing on Bible stories, counting, shapes and color kinds of things.  Yesterday afternoon I took a brave step with my boys.  We made footprint reindeer.  It’s a craft that can go smoothly or end up very messy.  My boys surprised me and it went smoothly and easily.  I taped a white piece of cardstock onto the kitchen floor.  Squeezed out some brown tempera paint onto a dinner plate and filled a plastic tub with water.  I took off the boys’ shoes and socks.  Then I worked with one boy at a time.  I rolled up James’ pant,dipped his foot in paint & held it for him as we placed it down on the paper.  His foot slid just a little so his foot looks huge.  A quick wash and dry.  In the meantime, my heart just knew his brother was going to get into the paint plate or start to finger paint with the taped down and now stamped paper.  He showed some restraint and just watched curiously.  I moved James’ footprint onto the counter and repeated the same thing with Lance.  It was fun to lightly tickle their feet as I washed them & then play this little piggy since their toes were out on display.

After the paint had dried I took a black sharpie and made antlers, eyes & a nose.  I thought it turned out cute.  My husband on the other hand said it was cute but it looked like we made aliens instead of reindeer.



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