Tot School 26.5mo Twins – Counting Presents

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m finding that I crave to keep things going at a slower pace this season so we can enjoy what we do and the peace that too often alludes us.  So today I had to get an estimate on a repair, lunch with grandparents and some playground time to burn off that supply of toddler energy.  I’d love to cram in a cool art project this morning but I knew that would be too much.  It would end up with me hurrying the twins along and probably yelling when things got stressful.  So I’m sitting on my hands until this afternoon when we might have the time for crafts.  Never fear though, we did get some tot school in this morning waiting for my parents to arrive.

It’s such a simple thing.  No stress and just fun.  It’s a big deal for our boys to be able to go into the foyer where our Christmas tree is located.  I held their hands and had them sit down in front of the tree.  Surprisingly, they haven’t noticed the presents waiting under the tree yet.  I pulled one out and told them that we were going to count the presents.  They joyfully got right into the counting, even yelling the numbers, which made each of them laugh at the other one.  Then as I put the presents back under the tree, I pointed to the different colors and shapes on the wrapping paper.  They still need some work on correctly naming colors.

Not the most impressive thing to do this season, but one that fit into our schedule today and that made it very enjoyable.  It’s a good reminder that sometimes the simple things are all we need for our mercy, from God, to make it through the day.



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