Tot School 26.5mo Twins – Snowflakes

As I mentioned yesterday, the morning had started out great before heading south.  We did a fun craft involving snowflakes.  Snow is clearly still on my mind.

I grabbed regular white paper, scotch tape, blue paint and a sponge.  I used the scotch tape on each page to make a snowflake.  Then I poured some blue Tempera paint onto a saucer and gave each boy a small square of the sponge.  As always, I taped the pages to the table.  I showed the boys how to dab the sponge onto the paper.  These two boys may be twins, but they do things differently from each other.  James loved the dabbing and Lance loved smearing the paint by dragging and pushing the sponge. 


I took the kids over to the sink and with just some soap and water most of the paint came right off.  I would recommend using the Crayola washable paint so there would be no pigment left, instead of tempera.  Lance washed up completely, but since James smeared some on his face and I cleaned him up second, a slight trace of blue was left around his mouth.


We left the pages to dry.  About 30min later, the paint was dry enough that I could peel off the tape.  Since I had used scotch tape, a few spots of the paper came off with the tape, but it didn’t really affect the look of the pieces.  If you are a perfectionist, I’d advise using painter’s tape.  The boys seemed to like the snowflake artwork.  Another cute Christmas craft to file away in my memories of the boys’ childhood.



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