Tot School 26mo Twins – “Hands Down” The Easiest Wreath

Hands down, this was the easiest Christmas wreath that I’ve ever made.  It’s really cute though.  It was a Pinterest find.  This morning I had the boys put their hands on a piece of green cardstock and I traced them in pencil.  While the boys were off playing, I cut it out and traced it several more times onto the rest of the green cardstock.  I made 7 handprints on the sheet.  I added a second sheet to the back and started cutting out the handprints.  I then arranged 7 of them, thumb to pinky, in a circle on regular copy paper.  After I arranged them, I took Elmer’s glue and tacked them down.  Then I took the 7 remaining handprints and glued them in between and slightly higher than my first ring.  This gave the wreath a fuller look.  I printed out a little bow on red paper, cut it out and let the boys glue this to the wreath.  I helped the boys add the berry dots with a red Sharpie pen.  Lastly I cut out the white paper beneath so it didn’t show.  Now the whole thing is drying and the boys love looking at it hanging on their bedroom door.  It’s such an easy project.  If my boys were a tad older I would have let them glue the whole thing together, but they aren’t quite ready for that.  So this was a joint project that was stress free, fast and cute.  Just the thing to make great Christmas memories.



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