Tot School 26mo Twins – Snowflakes

It snowed this morning!!!! 

Well, we’re in Dallas and what I woke up to this morning is counted as snow in my book, however little of it there was.  Most cold areas would consider this more of a frost, but you could see each little snowflake and we could have made a 1 inch high snowman if we weren’t all in our pjs.

I think yesterday I had a foreshadowing of the snow to come.  My boys are congested so I decided to keep them home from church, just in case.  We are a rather stingy family in that way, when it comes to germs.  I decided that we would make old fashion paper snowflakes.  2yr old boys can not cut out snowflakes on their own or even pick out a pattern.  So what I did was take two white sheets of copy paper, cut out circles and folded them 3 times.  Once in half, then in half again which makes a cone and once more so my cones were maybe 2″ wide at the top.  I gave each boy a pencil, a paper cone and let them scribble away.  Then came the interpretation part.  I took my scissors and sort of followed the lines that the boys made.  I took some liberties and added a few things here and there, hence the interpretation.  I unfolded them and now they are proudly on refrigerator display.








This morning, like I said, we had a dusting of snow and we went out to touch it.  Right after lunch I set up a sensory bin of snow.  This does take some time to prepare.  I took 5 bars of Ivory soap and grated them up.  Besides that, there’s nothing else to do besides put it in a tub.  I set the tub out with two Little People cars.  These cars are perfect.  They are completely plastic and washable.  Lance was the first one over and had a great time.  James came over and started dropping the snow down on top of the cars.  I showed them how to build little hills of snow so the cars could drive over the hills and that was a hit.  then we had ourselves a little impromtu snowball fight just between the twins.  Lance wandered off after 20min of play and I thought it was over for him but he came back with a shape sorter and took all the shapes out.  He tried stamping in the snow and using them as little shovels.  Not to be outdone by his twin, James grabbed the Weeble people and threw them in too.  By the end, it looked like a big traffic jam on one of our major highways during a snow.  Both boys protested when I said it was time for a nap.  Yea, they enjoyed it that much.  It’s also super easy to clean up.  I just swept up the soap snowflakes that had been scattered outside the container and the boys just washed their hands.  I can’t remember now which blog I saw this idea on, but it was a creatively good idea.

Soap snow

Soap snow

Building hills

Building hills

Snow's falling

Snow’s falling

Traffic jam - every one in here?

Traffic jam – every one in here?







Just to keep it real, this morning was not all wintery and cuddly.  The boys were cranky this morning and kept begging me to watch tv.  I took them to the fabric store with the purpose of buying fabric for a fort that I’ll be making soon to go over our kitchen table.  We got into the store and as soon as I put them in the basket, crying and screaming occurred for no other reason than to assert their own wills, I think.  I told them to stop the crying or we would go home.  I had to follow-up on that threat because they didn’t stop but rather just got louder.  Sadly I took them out of the store, put them back in the car and drove home.  I reminded them that mommy was going to make a cool fort for them but because of their misbehavior, they will have to wait until later to get their fort.  I was very proud of my cool demeanor and not yelling, even though I felt like it.  To top it all off, when I put them in bed, crying started and kept up for 20min before I heard a loud bump in their room.  I went to check on them and James got out of his crib for the first time.  Ready for my rest time, I put him back in the crib, settled Lance down from crying and came into the office with a big sigh before writing today’s post.  I have the choice to dwell on what went wrong this morning, but I’m choosing to think upon the lovely snow and the fun snow play that we had, for I don’t want my attitude to direct how our afternoon will be.  No matter what day you are having, try pulling out some soap and having a snowday with your children.  It will probably lift your spirits and you too could be counting a simple bar of soap as your mercy for the day.




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