Tot School 26mo twins – Watercolor Trees

We tried a new art adventure today, we used water colors.  Here’s a simple project that takes very little time to prepare. 


All you need is to take white cardstock and use a white crayon to draw a picture.  I drew a christmas tree.  Make sure you draw the lines heavy though.  Grab some washable watercolors and a bowl of water.  Tape down the page and you are set to go.




My boys really liked doing this.  I think they would have liked it using just plain water on colored paper too.  I did have to help them get the color painted all around the tree shape because it was big.  James also decided that all green was just boring and dabbed into the black color.  I helped them by grabbing my own brush and painted with them.  When I put my brush down, Lance handed it back to me and said Mommy paint.  So it was a big hit.  I was able to make a quick teaching lesson too.  I showed them how to rinse out the color from their brush so that we will have them for the next time we want to paint.  Remember that I said to make your lines heavy?  I didn’t so the tree outline didn’t show up very well.  Oh well, tip for next time. 




My other tip is that while the watercolors are washable, the color didn’t completely come off my hands.  Surprisingly, neither of my boys had a drop of paint on themselves.  We will be using the watercolors again.  What kinds of projects have you done with your kiddos using watercolors?






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