Tot School 26mo twins- banner & sensory play

Oh it’s Christmas time which means it’s kick it in high gear crafting time.  Friday we made our first decoration that’s truly just for the boys.  We made a Christmas banner, which I got the idea from I Can Teach My Child.  I cut up red and green construction paper, wrote out the letters of Christmas in black ink and cut out pictures that started with the corresponding letters, all while the boys were napping.  When they woke up, I gave them a glue stick and I helped them glue the pictures down.  I had to closely monitor Lance so he wouldn’t try to eat the glue.  I got out the double-sided tape and as I taped each letter up to a window, at the boy’s height, I told them the letter and sound and had them repeat after me.  When it was all hung we pointed to the pictures and named them.  The boys learned some new words today.  Now the hard part is trying to get them to understand to not pull the banner down.  We are working on not pulling things apart, so that is why I put it down low because this is just paper if it gets messed up.  Allready I’ve had to get onto the boys for tearing pictures off and I have to admit sometimes it really gets to me and I yell but I’m trying to remember it’s just paper and focus on the learning.










Today we did some sensory play with oatmeal.  I got this idea from Dirt and Boogers.  I took some oatmeal and added red food coloring & some peppermint extract in a plastic bin.  I thought it was cooler outside than it was and put the boys in long sleeve shirts, which they didn’t stay in for very long.  We took the scoops out of the sand box and the boys had a great time.  They poured, spilled, scattered and of-course tasted the oatmeal.  This was a fun play time that involved their smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight.  I put the now oatmeal and sand mixture back in an oatmeal container for another day of fun play.  It was fun for them and fun for me to watch them exploring a new texture.  So today God’s mercy came in the form of plain and simple oatmeal.



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