Tot School 25.5mo twins – Imagination & Slime

I’m a big believer in letting kids play by using their imagination.  So yesterday our tot school time focused on some of that.  My husband is re-tiling our bathroom and he left an empty tile box, with a square cut out of the bottom, by the trash can.  Lance, my gets into everything boy, decided it was still usable and turned it into a car.  How clever.  I wouldn’t have thought of that.  So I’m sitting in the living room playing with James when Lance comes barreling around the corner holding the square box up around him at waist high and zooming sounds coming out loudly.  I guess he was thinking that race cars are loud, at least the ones on tv are loud and our toy ones are too.  I will be making it a point to let the boys have some unstructured play time to see what they find to play with around the house and what they use those things for.  I’m betting there’s going to be some big, creative fun in our future.


I have seen several other mom blogs talk about making slime.  It sounds like fun, their pictures look like fun but I just hadn’t done it yet.  Until yesterday.  Today I know just how fun it is, albeit, I also know just how messy it is too.  So be prepared to throw your little ones in the tub after this activity if they are rambunctious like my twins who feed off each other.  I took equal parts cornstarch and water, mixed them together lightly in a plastic tub, laid out a shower curtain, put the tub on the curtain and pushed up the boy’s sleeves.  Looking back, it was a waste pushing up the sleeves, but oh well.  I handed the boys one wooden spoon to use if they wanted.  They both just stood for a bit looking at the stuff before diving in.

Once I put my hands in and showed them a few things, they had a ball.  They splashed in it, they squeezed it, they held it up high and watched it fall down, they patted it and of-course being brothers, they had a good ol slinging contest with each other.  I wouldn’t have had much to clean up if I hadn’t given them the spoon.  Spoons can propel things really far in case you didn’t know that.  But I think that made it  all the more fun.

I loved knowing that they were learning while playing.  They now really get the concept of falling down, squishing, solid and liquid.  You see, when you hold the slime it stays in a solid form but when you let go of it, it runs out like a liquid.  It’s a neat thing.  Lance made me laugh with his constant saying of solid, solid, solid.  Liquid!!!!!  It actually sounds like sowid and it was so cute.  He was the one who really wanted to squeeze it and feel it become like wet sand.  What better way to show them science and they didn’t even know they were learning great things.  I’ve asked many engineers if they have ever used this and I couldn’t find anyone that had.  I wonder why because this is fun science?

The nice thing is that I did not have to worry about them eating this.  Cornstarch is a common cooking ingredient.  However, one taste was all it took for my boys to decide it tasted gross.

After all the fun, I put a lid on the container because it stays good for a week or so if kept stored tightly.  I rolled up the curtain and set it outside to hose off after the boys and I got cleaned up.   I made the boys stay in the kitchen until the slime dried mostly.  Then we all headed upstairs for a bath.  Little bits of dried cornstarch fell off and it vacuumed up easily.  I would highly encourage you to make some slime yourself and let the messy playing begin.  As my artist friend advised, get those little hands in gooey things now so they won’t grow up with an aversion to them.  It’s so much fun, it’s so messy but I wouldn’t trade the learning and play for anything.  God’s little mercy today was slime.  Not what I normally consider a gift.  So don’t wait like I did,  go out there and have your own slime adventures.

Remember mom, it’s all washable, except the great memories!


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