Our Journey To Thanksgiving

With a thought towards praising our God, we three set out on a journey to Thanksgiving.  What possessed me to take twin 2 yr boys to downtown Dallas?  I don’t know.  It was crazy and yet so much fun.  Now I’m exhausted.  So here’s the story of our journey to Thanksgiving Square in Downtown Dallas.

We packed a quick diaper bag, got in the car and headed out to the Dart light rail station.  We got out of the car, which I had to park at the very end of the parking lot because it was full and I felt anything but grateful while I herded two boys past the rocks, cars, holly berries and countless other things to get them to the train station.  I bought my ticket and then I sat down on the platform with the boys in my lap looking down the track expectantly for the redline train.  The boys heard the bells ringing long before the train arrived and started shouting in excitement.  As the train rolled to a stop, we could hear the air pumps for the wheels and breaks.  We climbed aboard, found our seats and away we went on our 45 min ride, watching as people got on and off the train.  Oh, can’t forget the loud commenting that people indeed where getting on and off while the door opened and closed.

We made it to the Ackard station and jumped off the train.  Being a bit nervous with all the cars going by so close, I made both boys hold on to my hands while we walked the block up to Thanksgiving Square.  On our way we saw people walking to work, riding bikes, construction men and several more trains pass by.  What a relief when we got to the square and I could let the boys roam without a lot of worry.  They loved walking through the big ring representing unity.


Next we looked at the water fall.  I think you are supposed to meditate while looking at it, but ha, getting 2 yr olds to meditate is funny.  Well, they did watch it for a minute but I don’t think any meditation was going on.  I meditated on this thought “Boys, don’t jump in!”  Not what I think the creator of this exhibit was intending.


Then we ran up the stairways to get to the chapel.  I had never been there.  It’s quite pretty.  I let the boys walk around and shout to hear their echo since no one else was in there.  I had the boys lay down to look at the stained glass ceiling.  When I say that I had them lay down, I had to pick them up and put them on the ground before they noticed the ceiling.  Once they saw it, they stayed laying down for about a minute.  The spiral is truly beautiful.








Then we went outside and read the scriptures on the walls.  One in particular reminded me of a praise hymn so I sang it to the boys, “Enter His Courts With Thanksgiving.”  They even caught on to a few words of the chorus.


We headed to the nearby underground tunnels.  I saw a sign for the Pickle Barrel Sandwich Shop down in one of the tunnels.  My grandmother used to take my brother and I down there to eat when I was little so I thought I’d take my boys too.  When we got there, the original sign was on the window with another sign below stating it was an indian buffet but the whole place had gone out of business.  That was fine, because I needed to stay on budget anyways.  So we took a picture and I told them about me coming there as a little girl.  The boys couldn’t care less as they ran down the tunnel.  So much for them being history buffs.


So we rode on a few escalators and headed back to the Dart train.  We had a fun time together.  What a blessing to Dallas residents to have a God centered place in the middle of downtown.  If you haven’t been there and you live in Dallas, make time to go see it.  I loved singing scripture with my boys today and I’m so thankful that God gave us His word.  Tomorrow we will have a grand meal with family and celebrating His provisions for us.  Happy Thanksgiving!  May you and your family have a wonderful journey towards Thanksgiving and our Lord.


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