Tot School 25.5mo twins – When the Turkey Breaks Its Tail

Thanksgiving is almost here.  All turkeys should be very wary before gracing our door!  I planned out a turkey activity/craft.  It didn’t go so well, but if your kiddos are a bit older than 2 yrs or maybe just calmer than my boys, it’s a fun project to do.  I first took cardstock and cut out a circle on it with a face.  Then I took colored markers and made triangle spots around the top and sides.

Next I took clothespins and painted the ends with the matching colors to the triangles.   I called the boys over and we named each of the colors on the face.  Then I showed them how to pinch open the clothes pins.  While I was working with Lance on how to get a pin open, James had himself a grand ol time breaking as many pins apart as he could.  If you need something broken or torn apart, just come see us and we can take care of it for you.

I naively thought that James just needed a little lesson on how to work the pin, but no, with a little instruction, he smiled sweetly and proceeded to pull apart another one.  Lance had pinned four onto the face before he decided to follow  James’ lead.

So our turkey had a broken tail and mommy rescued all the tail “feathers” so that we can try to put it together sometime at a future date.  Maybe on a rare day when I only have one at a time while dad takes the other one somewhere.  I haven’t given up on turkey crafts, but this one was not a winner for this year.  I would love to see pictures of turkey crafts that you have done with your kiddos, even if your turkey got it’s tail feathers broken too!


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