Tot School 25.5mo twins – B is For Bear

I am the world’s best copier. The things I see around me are full of creativity and while I may not be able to come up with much that’s new on my own, I love trying out those cool ideas I see others doing.  So our tot school during the last part of the week was totally borrowed from I Can Teach My Child.  We are still working on the letter B and we did her B letter bear craft.  I looked at the bear plate picture that was her inspiration and drew from that picture our own bear on regular white copy paper. 


Next I taped down the papers to the table and squeezed glue onto the inside of the B.  I showed the boys how to smear the glue around with their pointer finger.  I grabbed a wet paper towel and quickly washed & dried their fingers.  Then I set out a blowl of coffee grounds.  Mind you, I used decaf because I was sure that Lance would try to eat it and he didn’t fail me.  They had a ball covering every inch of the paper with coffee.  I carefully untaped the pages and shook off the loose grounds into the trash.  What was left was a fuzzy looking bear with black hair.  Just as a tip, we didn’t use enough glue so our bears look like they are shedding with a few bare patches around here and there. 

The boys got washed up and I layed the pages out to dry.  Later that day I hung them up on our refridgerator and the boys like looking at them and we say the B sound when are looking at them.  It was a cute, fun and easy craft to do with the boys.  The next time you need a bear craft, I’d try this one.  Check out I Can Teach My Child to see good pics and get a better idea of what it should look like.  But remember that if your bear turns out like ours, it doesn’t matter because the kids are learning and having fun.  Good luck crafting!


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