Tot School 25mo twins – Letter B

All this week we are learning about the letter B and it has been a fun morning.  We have been watching the The Letter Factory DVD by LeapFrog and the boys run to the couch and keep their eyes glued to the tv while it’s on.  To start the day off I sang the B sound from the DVD and I just laughed as James ran as fast as he could to the couch.  He was a bit disappointed when he said tv and I said not right now.  Since he was already on the couch I called Lance over and we read three books that all begin with the letter B.  The boys love dumping all the mega blocks out and using them to throw through the openings into the slide castle.  Then when they can’t get any more on there, they push them all down the slide.  We built houses, towers and some strange abstract pieces with the blocks.  When that was done, I had the boys sort the blocks into colors.  Yellow, green and black went into the yellow bin and red and blue went into the blue bin.  It took some help from mommy to get them all into the right bins and when I asked them to name the color it usually wasn’t the right one.  I’ve heard it can take up to 3 1/2 before some kids really get their colors and that may be my kids too.  As usual with twins, nothing works for both boys at the same time.  Lance jumped on the chance to sort the blocks while James ran off to play by himself in the kitchen.  By the time Lance got tired and started playing with a puzzle, James decided putting up the blocks would be great fun.  So everyone pitched in a little and it got done.


We got dressed and started on our next project of baking bread.  If you haven’t got your kids in the kitchen yet, try it.  I love cooking so I love having my kids help.  As soon as I said we were baking break, the boys ran to push chairs up to the kitchen counter.  They were so excited to get started that I didn’t take the time to put on aprons, my mistake but clothes are washable.  Mom put the water in, Lance put the yeast in and James put the mixed dry ingredients in the bowl.  I gave each one a wooden spoon for stirring.  By the way, with twins, give up on the idea of not having a kid lick his hands and go back to helping.  You just can’t avoid that and still enjoy cooking with them.  Besides, the bread is going to be cooked at 400 degrees in the oven and no germ is going to live through that.  We all kneaded the dough and put it in a bowl to rise.  Then we cleaned up to move on to other play.  After an hour, I put the bowl on the floor and let the boys punch the dough down.  They loved this part and they whined when I took the bowl away.  We all helped put the dough into another bowl for a second rising.  While they are asleep, I’ll pop it into the oven for baking.  It should be cooled and ready to try when they wake up.








While the dough was rising we did a few other b things.  We played with a blue ball.  James wanted to sit down and roll it back and forth to each other while Lance wanted to throw it.  Neither of them have much patience yet so there was a lot of screaming and reaching for the ball when the other one picked the ball up and did what they wanted to do until the other one got the ball back and sent the other one into screaming too.  A bit challenging but we made it through with no hitting or biting today.  When I couldn’t take the complaining anymore, I got them interested in building with the big blocks.  This is one of their favorites.  James loves the building.  As soon as the tower gets knocked down, James grabs a block and yells build while waving a block around.  Lance just loves the knocking down part.  To make it more fun I have them stand by our gate and wait while I say on you mark, get set, go.  I playfully get onto them if they start running early and they just laugh and love it.  Lance doesn’t care who knocks the tower down first because he dives into the pile even after it goes down.  James on the other hand cried when Lance beat him to it.  Those personalities are coming through. 










Then we ended our morning with something new that didn’t even relate to the letter b.  We got out the Sit & Spins.  We normally don’t buy two of anything because we are working on sharing and the cost too. But these we decided to get two of.  What a hit, thirty minutes of around and around and switching sit and spins, since they are different colors.  It was a good ending to a fun b morning.  God’s mercy for today was showing me all the creative things we could do with the letter b.


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