Tot School 25mo twins – weekly review

My, time has sure gotten away from me.  I haven’t posted about our tot school this week.  My lack of blogging was due mainly because I am undergoing some testing for hormone imbalances so I can’t take my regular meds.  Without my meds this week, I yelled at the top of my lungs at my kids, I wanted to slap them (I didn’t though), I went outside and threw a few things and I took the kids over to my parents house for dinner one night to help me out.  It was a rough week, but I’m hoping the results of the tests will get me back on track to a healthier and happier momma.

When I wasn’t losing it, here’s a quick recap of this last week.  We are reading a great bible story about a leaper being healed by Jesus and the leaper being thankful.  We’ve worked on saying thank you when mom or dad or brother gives them something.  We took a craft project from last week at the library and used the red dot stickers on our faces to make it look like we had leprosy.  The boys totally missed the point because they thought it was hilarious and Lance was fixated on the stickers.  We’ve started working with one letter of the alphabet each week too.  Obviously we started with the letter A.  We have four different books about the alphabet and we camped out on identifying all the things on the A pages.  Then I printed out a page with A things on it so they could color it.  James had a ball and colored away while Lance just wasn’t into coloring this week.  In fact, I had to remove him from the table as fast as I could because when they are done, they quickly rip it off the table and generally it comes off in two separate pieces.  They also had the chance to finger paint a letter A with an apple on it the color red.  That lasted a whole two minutes then Lance decided he would lick his paint off his fingers and James laughed about it which encouraged that behavior even more.  So the finger paints went away for this week too.  The play do went the way of the colors and the finger paints too because yes, eating it was way more fun than rolling it out and using a star cutter.  Those were just a few of the failed attempts this week.

The things that really worked out and made a hit were fabulous.  This month we are focusing on the star shape.  I took masking tape and made a gigantic star on the floor.  It was a little out of proportion but the kid’s didn’t notice.  I showed them how to walk around it heel to toe style, then we did normal walking, running, skipping, hopping, tip toed, marched and German style marching.  I had a great picture of them doing this but I erased it in my camera.  We worked on counting and it’s coming along well.  I took a sheet and wrote the numbers 1-10 on it.  Then to Lance’s delight, we got out the stickers and placed the appropriate number of stickers under, or what they view as under, the numbers.  It made me laugh.  They didn’t get it, they kept trying to put stickers back on the other piles even when they were counting correctly through the numbers.  But they had fun which is the goal!

The best part of the week was the leaves falling in our backyard.  We have a good-sized red maple tree.  We looked at all the different sized leaves, the different colors, the shapes and if they were crunchy or soft.  I pulled out our rake and piled up all the leaves.  They had fun running through the pile.  Then James tripped and fell into the leaves and he really discovered playing in the leaves.  He giggled as he tried to bury himself then he would shoot up scattering leaves everywhere.  He threw them up and watched them float back down.  He twirled inside the pile and took giant steps over the pile.  You name it, he did it.  Lance likes the leaves too but not as much as his brother.  The finale to all this great leaf play was when we piled up the leaves at the end of a slide.  Crash!  Crunch!  They had a blast hitting the pile of leaves each and every time.  Mom got a little tired of pushing the leaves back in place each time, but it was so worth seeing them have so much fun.  Fall is here for such a sort little while and I’m glad to have falling leaves as God’s tender mercy for my week.








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