Tot School 24.5mo twins – What Can You Do With a Rainbow?

A sweet friend recently gave me some left over fabric to make a felt board.  Our library reading time uses the felt board for so many things that I thought we’d give it a try.  I made a very crude and very easy rainbow so we could work on our colors.  I laid each color on the board and had the twins say the color after me.  Then the boys got carried away and started putting all the colors at different spots on the board.  Not what I would have done, but they were saying the colors as they moved them around so I just went with it.  Learning, however way it comes, is the point that I had to remind myself.  Once the novelty of the rainbow ended, I realized that I could rearrange the pieces to make a face.  So the boys touched each part as I called them out and then I had them touch that same feature on their own faces.  They already know their body parts, but a review done in a fun way goes a long way in taking up time and spreading some giggles around.









So the color theme was working for us and I just stayed with it for the past two days.  We have these fun, squishy, soft, yellow and blue blocks.  The boys have way to much fun knocking them down.  So I asked them to alternate the yellow and blue color blocks in the stack.  Their personalities really came out during this.  Lance wants to grab a block and slap it up there.  James looks for the right color, holds it with both hands and tries to set it on the stack neatly lined up.  I make the boys go back to the couch and wait until I say go before they come running at the tower.  While James has control over building, he doesn’t have control over his impulse to run ahead of his brother before mom says go.  I’ve learned that I need to stay in front of the tower until I give the go or else someone will inevitably crash into it before it’s time.  It’s especially sad when James has so carefully stacked the blocks to have Lance crash into it and James’ face looks very sad.  At least I’m thankful that they haven’t learned to retaliate, in this specific situation.  I didn’t get any pictures of the tower, but I did get pictures of the blocks laid out in a pattern that I asked them to do and then we counted the blocks as the boys stepped on each one.


The last thing with color was a craft.  I know other twin moms will back me up here or moms with several young ones very close together in age.  Crafts are hard.  There are moments when you’re working with one that the other feels the freedom to glue things that shouldn’t be glued, eat things that shouldn’t be eaten or rip a page in to.  It’s a constant reminder that I’m not really in control.  I do wish there was an easier way for God to show me that though.  So we went outside and gathered up fallen leaves.  We brought them back in to the table where I placed them as far away from the boys as possible.  I drew a tree trunk and taped the page in front of the boys.  They each had some time to color the trunk in whatever color they wanted.  I put a small amount of glue on the top of the page and showed the boys how to put the leaves on the glue.  They are two years old.  So it didn’t go as smoothly as I wanted.  I helped James put two leaves on, went over to help Lance and saw that James was having a ball moving the two leaves to a new spot every two seconds.  The glue was getting all over the leaves and James.  So I went to help James quickly finish putting all the leaves on and saw Lance doing exactly what James had been doing.  You would think they were apes with all the copying going around here.  So I finished up with James and promptly removed his paper to dry.  Then repeated with Lance. 


After the trees dried, I put them up on the refrigerator.  When we went over to talk about the color of the tree trunks and the leaves, each boy had a big smile on his face.  I’m assuming they liked knowing that their art was on display or maybe they were fondly remembering the mess they had created.  After that we sat at the table and just played with the left over leaves.  What started out was just a rainbow and it led to two fun days discovering colors.  I hope you enjoy all the colors of God’s beautiful creation too.


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