Tot School 24.5mo twins – Biscuits

The shape of the month is the circle. 

I love cooking.  Biscuit cutters are circles.

We need to make biscuits with the circular biscuit cutter!

A friend came over last Friday and we did some messy baking.  I just love sharing my passion of cooking with little ones.  They don’t quite get the whole idea but every time they make something they understand a little bit more.  So here’s the play by-play of the adventure.

Aprons on & everyone’s clean.


I measured out the ingredients, the kids took turns dumping it in. Now they are using the electric mixer to form the dough.


It gets a little messy!


Spreading flour out on the rolling cloth.




And a little bit of sampling along the way.

I forgot to take pictures when the kids where cutting out the dough.  When all the biscuits were laying on the sheets, we counted them together before I slid them into the oven.  Then off to the bathroom we went for some cleanup of the hands and faces. 

The biscuits didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to.  They tasted fine, but they looked like pancakes.  I talked to my boys about how God doesn’t expect  us to be perfect and neither do mommy & daddy.  It’s the process of doing and learning from our mistakes that counts.  Sometimes it just doesn’t turn out and that is ok.  I pray that these little teaching moments will sink into their little hearts.  I pray that I’ll give them the freedom in other areas to try and be there when they fail, to help heal the hurt, look for the learning and encourage them to try again.

Do you have a passion that you have shared with your kids?  Painting, carpentry, cooking, singing or organizing?  Tell me about your adventure into that passion with your kids.


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