The Things I Treasure

The boys have been down right cranky the past few days and the tot school activities haven’t gone so well.  For example, we took a box lid, put some orange paint in the lid and rolled two marbles around to make art.  The marbles stuck in the paint and wouldn’t move much, then the boys picked them up and sent the marbles flying, paint and all.  Then they each cried that they had paint on their hands and wanted to wash their hands.

This morning I had the blessing of my mom watching the boys while I cleaned my house upstairs.  Wonderful and glorious was my mood.  So no tot school at all this morning.  While James and Lance are sleeping, I’ve had time to think about all those little things that I treasure about my boys.  So as I listed each one below, I’ve praised God for giving me that little treasure and mercy in my little boys.

1.  They both love to sing & they do it spontaneously & often.

2.  Lance loves to laugh.

3.  They both end prayers at night with Father Amen.  Very sweet & cute.

4.  They both say I’m sorry & Forgiven to each other.  Sometimes in the reverse order, but their on the right track.

5.  The excitement of finding pennies and putting them in the piggy bank.

6.  Lance doesn’t know a stranger.  He loudly says hi to everyone.

7.  You can’t read too many books to James.

8.  Gentle little kisses on the cheek from Lance.

9.  Popping soap bubbles with sticks.

10.  Impromptu dance parties.

11.  Throwing & rolling balls to each other.

12.  Playing chase with a tambourine.

13.  Building megablock towers and knocking them down.

14.  Splashing through water puddles, mud and all.

15.  Hearing phrases of Bible stories that the boys remember.

These are just a few of my treasures I’ve thought about today.  What are those precious things about your children that make you smile?  Lift them up to God and praise Him from whom all blessings flow.  Feel free to leave a comment telling me a few of your treasures.  I’d love to hear about them.


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