Tot School 24mo twins – Pumpkins, Socks, Mirrors, Balls

Mondays are usually a bit rough, since we are coming off the weekend.  This morning wasn’t perfect, but it was sure a lot of fun.  While you read this, please remember that I said it wasn’t all perfect.  In between almost activity this morning I had James crying about one thing or another and just being impatient and selfish.  I have days like that too, so I understand.  I kept reminding myself that this too shall pass and during the activities there was lots of laughter.   After breakfast, we got in the stroller and walked over to the neighborhood pumpkin patch.  Cornerstone United Methodist Church puts out the pumpkins and does a fabulous job.  If you’re in the Richardson, TX area, check it out.  It was early enough that we had the place all to ourselves.  We talked about how the pumpkins felt, the color orange, the brown & green stems, the yellow hay on the ground and we talked about shapes.  I don’t mean just the circle either.  They have these terrific tiny pumpkins that are star-shaped and yellow and big oblong, rectangular pumpkins too.  I showed the boys how to thump the pumpkin and we listened to all the different sounds.  That should have been the only senses that we used, but Lance thought they were yummy when he licked and tried to take a bite.








When we got back home, I turned on the radio and we clapped out the beat to a few songs and had a dance moment.  James really gets into the dancing.  Then I grabbed a pair of my small white socks, a pair of Phil’s long white socks, a pair of white/blue kid’s socks and a red pair of kid’s socks.  My intention was to show them the different socks and to have them match them up.  James cried and sat in lap refusing to even look at the socks and Lance was intent on putting dad’s socks on.  While I was starting to get frustrated, I reminded myself that if they don’t have fun, the teaching should stop.  They aren’t at the age yet where any of this learning is mandatory.  So I let them do their own thing and a few minutes later while I was holding dad’s sock in my hand, Lance brought the mate over and he ended up matching all four pair.


Next we pulled out the long mirror and laid it flat on the floor.  We looked over and watched our reflections.  It’s funny hearing them try to say reflection.  They walked across the mirror and looked at the reflection of the bottom of their brother’s feet.  They found it to be really fun laying down on the mirror, putting their faces down on the mirror and arching up to a bridge pose all while watching themselves.  It was a big hit.


Since we walked all over the mirror, you can imagine that it needed a good cleaning.  So I gave each boy a paper towel, I grabbed one too and I lightly sprayed the mirror with Windex.  I try to get most of the liquid up before the boys start wiping because I never know when one of them will take a bite out their paper towel.  Since they love to clean, we worked on the fireplace and the kitchen windows too.  Nothing like having a few more arms around the house to clean.  The morning went so well that I can’t pinpoint one thing out as the mercy for the day.  This whole morning was a delightful blessing and I’m praising God for it.  I hope you enjoy your Monday too!


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