Tot School 24mo twins – Impromtu Change

Yesterday I got our schedule of things to do in tot school.  I just could not believe that this guide suggested giving my just turned 2yr olds three cards that matched a story and having the boys sequence them in the right order.  That seems to be outside the usual thought process of a 2yr old.  I debated with myself on whether I should just try to coax my boys along in this project or just leave it be.  It made me really think about evaluating  what “the experts” say I need to be doing with my twins.  I know experts do have valid reasons for suggesting what a child should work on, but as a mom I have to use my brain to determine if the concept is really age appropriate and if it is appropriate for my boys’ temperaments.  After some debating with myself, we scratched the project and moved on to an impromptu project.

This isn’t the only time that I’ve had to make a decision to just do something different.  Last week I added and took out some of the things from our unit on Jesus calling the fishermen to be disciples.  On one of those afternoons where we were changing it up I had the thought that we haven’t introduced cooking into our learning yet.  There’s a lot to learn with cooking that can be  fun.  Cooking doesn’t go with the fishing theme and that’s ok.  I set out all the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies, since that’s dad’s favorite.  I pulled up two kitchen chairs to the counter and plopped my boys atop of them and began our fun.  I’m amazed at what a 2yr old can do in the kitchen when I let go and not worry about the possible mess.  Lance is great at measuring out the ingredients by himself.  James knows how to hold and move the electric mixer all on his own.  I do have to start and stop it for him though.  They each will hold the spoon upside down so momma could push the dough into the cookie sheets.  I couldn’t believe how much they could do and do it with minimal help.  The ear to ear grins as they accomplished each step was priceless and I could tell it was a great confidence booster.   So as a reminder to moms, you know your kiddos and what they might be able to do.  Leave the hesitation behind of the cleanup, the hassle or the should I and any other thing that is holding you back.   Then watch as your children will amaze you.  Sometimes those impromptu changes can be a mercy in disguise.








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