Tot School 23.5mo twins – Counting & Fish

I laughed again today as I read “Hey guys, follow me!” and I even said it with a Chicago accent that made it all the more funny.  The fishing from the pool yesterday was a hit.  They were wet, I was wet, James fished and Lance bailed water out everywhere.  This morning after reading our bible story, we worked on some counting.  I pulled out 5 spoons, five pennies and five cars for the twins to count.  I have to say the cars were the biggest winners.  James had to touch each one separately as he counted while Lance looked at them and giggled in between each number.  I don’t know, maybe counting is funny to an almost 2 yr old boy?

We headed out with some friends on a grand fish adventure at nearby Lake Lavon.  I stopped and bought six little minnows in a bag of beautiful blue water.  We went to a park and made our way over some rocks down to the shoreline.  The kids looked at the fish in the bag first.  I reminded them that they were little fish just like the fishermen caught in our story this week.  I caught a minnow and let them hold it.  I think those poor little fish were so frightened because every one of us managed to drop the minnow on the ground trying to get it to the water.  Lance threw his one fish in and didn’t act like he was interested after that.  He was more preoccupied with the fabulous rocks he was finding and throwing those in the water.  James on the other hand was wild about the little fish.  He dove his hand right in the bag and tried to catch them.  He wasn’t afraid to hold it and fling it as far as he could into the water, which was just barely far  enough into the water for the minnow to swim away.  Of course, there was muddy shoes on all the kids.

There was a playground back up the road so we jumped out to run off some energy.  As we got out of the car, I spotted some horse apples.  We’ve looked at them before but each time seems to be new and fun.  The kids enjoyed rolling it down the slide and carrying it around with them.  Then before we got in the car to come back home the boys took off across the field for a little run.  There’s nothing’ better than a big open space of grass for them to run through.

We ended our morning of fish adventures by eating fish tacos.  Not my favorite, but the boys love seafood in any form.  What a great way to visually connect the bible stories to something they can understand.  When we were at the lake, I poured out some water into a puddle.  We talked about jumping in puddles and that it was a small amount of water.  Then I reminded them about the bigger water they see in a pond.  Finally I  said that a sea was even bigger, just like the lake.  Dad has seen the Sea of Galilee and even swam in it.  Maybe someday the twins will be to see it for themselves.  For now though, I count it a mercy that we can see and feel little fish to help us understand a little more about the fishermen of the bible.


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