Tot School 23.5mo twins – When It Doesn’t Work

As moms, we plan and prepare to help our kids learn through play.  We have to follow the cues of our children though to be effective.  That means that some days tot school the way you planned doesn’t happen.  Yesterday Lance and James had their own ideas on what they wanted to do.  After breakfast I read the new bible story for the week.  We are reading about Jesus calling his 12 disciples.  I love the way one of our bibles tells it: and Jesus said “Hey guys, follow me!”   I laugh because I don’t think they talked that way back then, but it makes me laugh and the boys don’t get the humor.  If you don’t know the story, some of these men where fishermen on the Sea of Galilee.  So much of this week will  have a fishing theme.  Sadly, no nets, because I can’t think of a great way to make a net for fishing.  After reading the story, we were supposed to trace lines and this is what actually happened.  I tapped down Lance’s paper in front of him.  While I was taping James’ page, Lance tore his page in two.  I went to tape his back down and James did the same thing.  I told them to quit, but it went another round and I decided that wasn’t working so we ended tracing/color time without a single mark being made on the papers.  Next we were going to clap out rhythms but the boys jumped on their push cars and ignored me all together.  Not one clap was made.  I decided to scrap any official learning that I had planned rather than get upset and try to force it.  As I’ve heard from Carrissa at 1+1+1=1 blog, you have to follow the child’s lead to keep it fun.

However, we did do learning yesterday.  Dad had brought home some of the big bubble wrap and the boys went nuts.  I laid the sheets out on the ground and the boys stomped up and down the sheets.  I showed them the little holes that they had blown into the plastic and said that they had popped the air out of them.  Oh the giggles as they ran across barefooted.

We have an old crib mattress that has holes in it that we don’t use.  What a great jumping and crash pad that has turned out to be.  When my twins jump, they don’t actually get both feet off the ground at the same time.  That takes some practice so we jumped our way across the mattress.  Lance still isn’t getting both feet at the same time, but James had a few turns where he truly jumped with both feet off the ground.  We all especially love when the boys lay across the end together and mom plops across the mattress and pops the boys up in the air.  I have to be careful, too much plopping made Lance bounce completely off a foot or so.

This morning the boys went to bible study at our church with me and then came home for a nap so we didn’t have time for tot school.  When they wake up, I’m ready with a few planned things and hopefully they will be in the mood for playful learning.  I have the tracing sheets to work on with crayons and we are going fishing!  I have a baby pool in the backyard that I filled with water and placed their bathtub animals in the pool.  I’ll give them a kitchen strainer to scoop out the animals.  If you look closely, you will see that there is a dinosaur head floating with all the other animals.  I know, dinosaurs do not swim in the sea, nor were there dinosaurs in the Sea of Galilee when the men were fishing.  Sometimes you go with the big picture of the story and the little details aren’t as important.  Here’s to hoping we have a great time of splashing our way through the calling of the 12 disciples.


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