Tot School 23.5mo twins – Red Sea, Playdo, & Squares

Lance has been running a low-grade fever all week so he’s been cranky and we’ve been cooped up in the house.  That means that today their energy just spilled over and they went nuts.  I’ve declared the followed the theme for the day, “Let the wild rumpus begin!” from Where the Wild Things Are.  So this morning was nonstop activity.  Yesterday we set out to make white squares to help with the color of the month and the shape.  I poured just bit of white paint out onto a small plate and cut up a sponge in the shape of squares.  We looked at the shapes first then I showed them how to dab the sponges in the paint and make squares on their construction paper.  Lance did well with his squares and James took the more artistic path and smeared his squares around.  I would have liked to put them up on the refrigerator to review the color/shape with them, but they decided that ripping the taped paper off the table would be a better idea.  Sometimes it just doesn’t go like you planned.  Just like the constant need to tell the boys not to lick the paint and not to eat the sponges.

Today we tried our hand at play do art.  I’m really into the art thing lately.  I put one color out in front of each boy at a time.  I worked with each one to roll out the dough until it was mostly smooth & flat.  Then I pressed their hand into the dough and showed them their hand print.  James loved it and Lance was content to ball it up and stick it on his finger so he could twirl it around in the air for all to see.  We eventually used four different colors.  The boys could identify the yellow and orange color pretty well, but the pink never quite stuck.  The other fun thing that they enjoyed was pushing the dough into the cup and dumping it back out again and again and again.

Yesterday I made a path through two walls of the Red Sea to go along with the story of the week.  I pushed their climber over near the rocking chair by the couch.  I then put a sheet over them to make a wall.  I showed the boys how the Israelites walked between two walls of water on dry land.  I thought this was pretty good, but after two walk throughs, the boys decided that it was way more fun to play on the climber under the sheet.  I have to say it did look like fun when they slid down the slide and popped out from under the sheet halfway down.  So this illustration wasn’t the best and today while we were at the table we tried another illustration.  I put out a small bowl of water.  I said small because the bigger the bowl, the bigger the spill because you know it’s going to happen.  I took a straw and blew into it to part the water slightly.  I reminded them about God blowing wind to part the Red Sea.  So I held onto the water bowl while the boys blew through the straw to part the water.  After we did that a few times, we just blew bubbles in the bowls.  Amazingly, no water was spilled.

In between all the structured tot school time was running, yelling, laughing, crying, pushing, hitting and all out chaos.   So much chaos that mom was about to loose it by the time dad came home each night.   But in all this wild rumpus, my boys have had fun, learned a little too and we have gotten through a tough week of being sick.  All thanks to the mercies raining down from God.



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