Tot School 23.5mo twins – Red Sea, Flat James & Lizards

We have a new bible story that we are working through this week.  We read the story of the Israelites fleeing from Egypt and how God parted the Red Sea so the Israelites could walk across to safety into the desert.  I’m thinking of several different ways to act out the story during the week.  We began with the easiest one to set up.  We have a blue tube that the boys love to crawl through.  I printed out several fish, cut them out and taped them onto the tube.  Then the boys & I crawled through the tube and looked at all the fish swimming in the sea.  I know that the Israelites walked across while we crawled across and God blew up two walls with a dry path in between while our tube surrounded us, but the boys got the jist of the story.  After a few times through, we went fishing and pulled off the fish.  Lance took it one step farther by eating the fish too, tape and all.  Mom wasn’t too happy about that.


The boys still need to work on body parts.  If you ask them to point out a body part on themselves they get it no problem.  Most of the time if you point to a part on them or yourself they can name it.  But when we drew the outline of a body and hung it up on the wall, they were a little bit unsure where to point when I asked them to touch a specific body part.  We tried this last week & we did it again.  I had the boys lay on the floor and  I traced their bodies onto butcher paper with a Sharpie.  I taped one of the outlines up on a door in our living room and I called him Flat James, which the boys think is really funny.  I ask them to point out the body part on themselves then I help them point it out on Flat James so I can label it.  Don’t laugh too hard at my free hand areas of the hands and feet.  Don’t your hands and feet look just like that?


It’s nice and cool outside because fall has arrived.  That means that outdoor play is pleasant and lasts much longer.  Our backyard never fails to amaze the twins.  We are fortunate to have several geckos around and one big chameleon.  We found the chameleon the other day and surprise, we found him again.  He was on the basketball hoop rim again.  He was a nice green color and posed looking just as dignified as the Geiko gecko.  We chased him around the yard for a while.  Lance and James both love to try to touch them.  The other day James picked one up and it just about scared the death out of him when it jumped.  It made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t get myself composed enough to comfort the poor boy and daddy had to go over to settle him down. We talked today about how it turned dark brown when it was in the dirt, light brown when it climbed on the tree trunk and shades of green while in the grass.  I love biology and I sure hope that their curiosity of life continues to grow because I do enjoy watching them have fun while learning about God’s creation.

God has provided me several mercies to enjoy today but my heart holds closely to the boys’ love of nature and life.  Thank you Lord for this sweet mercy to share with my boys.


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