Tot School Twins 23mo – Balls, Balloons & Clapping

This was a morning were I was tired and the boys had more energy than I have ever seen.  Like bouncing off the walls energy.  I knew I needed a good game plan to make it through this morning without losing it.  By God’s mercy & grace, I held it together and we all had fun.  So here’s today’s tot school.

Two days ago we started a craft project of making cotton ball rocks.  Go to for the how to make this project yourself.  While dad was home, we took off all the kid’s clothes, to make cleanup easier and put them in high chairs up at the table.  I mixed the concoction of yellow up and poured it into two bowls, one for each kid and put out enough cotton balls to make the alphabet.  I have to say that my husband and I did most of the dipping.  Then we popped them into the oven to bake while the kid’s took a bath.  I let the cotton balls cool, wrote the alphabet letters on each ball and I put them into a ziplock bag for today’s tot school.  This morning, I put the boys in their high chairs again, but this time I gave each one of them a toy hammer to smash to balls as we said each letter.  We were almost set, I got the balls out and sadly, they had turned mushy.  So we hit each letter with the hammer anyways, but without the great pop and crunching sounds.  Never fear I said because while they ate lunch today, I made another batch and we will pound on them this afternoon and hopefully get that nice pop.  We will also get another chance to practice our alphabet.








We then worked on our color recognition.  The primary color this week is still white and we added the color yellow today since the cotton ball rocks were yellow.  We have this silly hat that has white, yellow and green big stripes.  We took turns putting on the hat and naming the three colors.  I don’t know what it is about this hat, but the boys sure do think it’s funny.


Then I turned on some music and we just had ourselves a little dance party.  To make it more useful, although wasting energy is very useful, we tried clapping to the beat.  James quickly found out that it was easier to clap when sitting down but Lance decided it was much more fun to clap and twirl around at the same time and so he fell down a lot and loved it.


Our final activity in tot school today was learning about balloons and boy did this get them worn out.  Be forwarned, with multiple kids, this gets a little crazy.  I showed each kid a balloon , let them touch it and feel what rubber feels like.  Then I helped them stretch out the rubber and I told them that it could stretch because of elasticity.  Then they watched as mommy blew up the balloons.  Mommy got to watch their eyes grow big as the balloons inflated.  Then I hit the balloons out over their heads.  They hit, bounced, kicked,  threw and chaced them all around the room.  We talked about how different balloons were from balls and that air made them briefly float.  They laughed and had the best time playing for about 30min with them.  When they started to show signs of being tired, I looked up and it was time for a nap.


I am so thankful for just a few simple things to keep my kiddos busy and learning at the same time.  Everyday play is so important for kid’s to learn about the world they live in.  Do you have any great activities that you do with your toddlers?  I would love to hear about them.


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