The Baby & the Bath Water

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”  Have you heard that quote before?  I’ve been reminded of it over and over again by my thoughts and I have discovered a few other moms have as well.  Let me explain.

I woke up rested the other day.  As I went downstairs to wake my children my husband jumped into the shower, which is right over the boy’s cribs.  I opened up the door and I see my two boys jumping with all their might and yelling daddy bath, daddy bath and when James sees me he stops jumping and points to the ceiling, starts to giggle and with his little and unclear voice says daddy’s washed.  Then the boys look at each other and laugh and jump again.  How precious is that?  I grab James and fly him to breakfast and return to get Lance who points to the flowers on my shirt and in the sweetest voice says pretty in a long drawn out, cowboy, Southern drawl.  The boys eat their oatmeal and move on to the yogurt.  James decides to put the yogurt cup up to his face and try to lick the yogurt out and Lance thinks this is the funniest thing so he does it too and they just laugh like there’s nothing funnier in the world.  I had a whole morning of cute kids and tons of great learning and crafts.  I put them down for a nap and get a little rest myself.  Nap is over, everyone drinks some milk and watches our favorite show Martha Speaks.  This sounds like a good day.  But then 5:00pm comes and like a thief in the night, the good day is snatched away and in comes chaos, impatience, whining and fighting.  The boys know that when I start cooking dinner that’s the signal to begin.  It starts small with Lance shutting James out of their room and James runs to me crying because he can’t get in their room.  So I briefly stop cooking to open the door for James.  I get back to the kitchen and pick up the spoon only to hear the slamming of the door and James’ cry as he runs to me.  If I ignore the crying James will eventually melt down into what could only be the tantrum of the century.  While I take care of him, dinner continues to cook without my watchful eye and it’s getting crispy!  After that meltdown is handled usually James retaliates by hitting Lance on the head with a toy.  Now I get to soothe Lance and handle disciplining James and dinner is getting more crispy.  Next Lance takes a toy away from James and James is crying in hysterics now while pushing at me to get away from the stove.  I lose it and in a big way.  I yell.  I remind Lance that he’s stealing and that’s wrong.  I tell James whining is the quickest way to not be heard and that dinner is ruined.  I salvage what I can from dinner, put the boys in their high chairs and pray that they eat and not dump their plates over on the tray.  Dad comes home around 6:30PM, everyone plays hard and laughs hard.  The boys get tucked in bed.  Overall it was a great day with 1hour that was bad.  So when I look back at the day, why do I feel that the day was just horrible?  I know it wasn’t all bad.  In fact all but 1 hour was what most moms want in their day.   That’s where the quote comes in.  I have been struggling to remember all the good and wonderful things that God allows in my life when I focus on one small part.  It reminds me of the Israelites out in the desert.  God had provided food, water, clothing, protection and all their needs.  Then someone grumbled about the food and then it was like no one remembered all the other good things God was currently providing the Israelites.  It is so easy to judge people in the Bible, but I do some of the same things.   So I’m working very diligently at counting and remembering my blessings during the day and considering the whole of the day before pronouncing it good or bad.  Amazingly as I’ve shared my struggles with other moms, some of them struggle with this too.  I pray that as moms, we can look past the chaos and mess and still see each day as a beautiful and good gift that we are sharing with our children.  Moms have a hard job and I want to encourage you if sometimes you feel that your days are just bad.  Some moments are exactly that, just bad, but don’t throw out the day because an hour or two went wrong.  I am trying to rember this myself.


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