Tot School 23mo Twins – Pillows, Path, Phonics & the Oddball Cloud

Today’s tot school took place over several sessions but the boys didn’t care because they had a good time each time.  We started the morning with way more energy than I knew that I could handle.  So I thought for a few minutes about what we could do to burn off some of it.  Then, you know in the comics when someone gets a good idea and you see it lit up with silver and gold floating in the middle of a cloud, that’s what happened to me.  A glorious thought just descended down and I just knew it would work.  I gathered up all the cushions in the living room into a big pile and announced that we were mountain climbing this morning.  I’ve dreamed of submitting Mt Everest, ok, so my dream got refined a few years ago and now I dream about submitting a 14er in Colorado some day.   So I can only imagine what a good pile of pillows looks like to an almost two-year old.  What fun those two boys had falling off shifting pillows, face planting on purpose, climbing up and over the whole way, jumping off the top of the pile and of course getting in trouble for pushing each other out-of-the-way.  I went a tad bit overboard after the third or fourth shove and began my tear jerking speech about how selfish climbers on Everest had become.  That these people were so set on reaching their own goal that they would jeopardize a team member’s life or leave a stranger to die alone.  It was a great, passionate speech, for a high school age kid.  Sadly it was lost on my 2yr olds so I pitifully went back to just plainly telling my boys that shoving was not nice.  Easy, quick and to the point, but my wonderful speech made me feel better.


Then we headed over to the fridge to use our Fridge Phonics Animal Matching.  Lance loves to pair up everything except the right two parts and James finds this to be very funny.  Ten minutes of talking about the color, the shape and the sounds of each animal made for fun learning.


We made a quick  run up to a consignment sale, came back, ate lunch and still had some time left before a nap, so round two of tot school started.  Again, I needed to find something that would wear those two little boys out.  I do believe that is the mantra of moms everywhere with toddlers.  So this time we, well mainly I, built and the boys tried to scatter wooden blocks that I was forming into a path.  The path arched around the living room and stopped at the kitchen entrances.  The boys took off and walked, ran, crawled, chased and jumped their way around the circle for 30min.  I loved it, they burned off energy and I got some exercise in because you know they didn’t let mom just sit and watch.  I even came up with a catchy little tune to keep us going.


Next the boys crawled up into my lap while I read the book “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.”  Then we got out some cotton balls and pretended they were clouds.  We felt how fluffy clouds might feel, how white clouds look and they even tasted a few clouds, not that the real ones taste like anything.  We walked outside and looked at the clouds in the sky for a few minutes .  Then they crawled back into my lap for a quiet book to settle them down before a nap.  A lot of learning was packed into this morning and I’m so thankful that God made us creative beings and I get to share that with my little boys.  God’s mercies just keep raining down!


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