Tot School 22.5 twins – Transportion, Stickers, Songs & Dots

We have had two days of fun tot school.  Yesterday Grandma met us early in the morning out at a public park.  It’s a small park, but the theme of the park is transportation and if there’s one thing that my boys love, it’s transportation vehicles.  There’s a three car, red train  that provides endless climbing, crawling, stepping and jumping.  There’s also a great helicopter that begs kids to spin the wheel and my boys can give it a whirl.  Throughout playtime the boys come over to the bench and get a cuddle from me and Grandma steals all their sugar (as she says).  During the small rests I point out the engine, the caboose, talk about people riding in a train to go somewhere and we make train noises.


While at home, we’ve been quite the little busy beavers.  Stickers have always been a huge hit with Lance.  He loves to pull them off of anything, toys, books, appliances, you name it, he’s tried to pull stickers off of them.  James has now caught the fun of stickers too.  I don’t really get the fun of putting them on something, taking them off, sticking on your body somewhere and repeating the process over and over.  James and Lance get it though and sometimes they just laugh while other times you’d think they examining a rare artifact they had to report on.  Anyways, whatever the draw is, it gives their small motor skills some practice.  In a similar activity, they worked those little finger muscles.  I was making some number counting cards for later.  I wrote out the numbers 1-10 each on a separate card then punched the corresponding amount of holes into each card.  The boys went wild over letting the punched out dots rain down over each other and mommy.  They also loved putting them on their bodies.  Lance has a thing with putting anything on his feet and his brothers feet too if he can

Songs are big hit and a great time to learn how to move our bodies and to identify body parts.  The leaders on the top 10 charts are Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus and Head Shoulder Knees and Toes.  For the longest time I had to go real slow on Head Shoulders Knees and Toes for the boys to get the head and the toes only.  Now they are adding the eyes, ears and nose.  They still haven’t managed to get the shoulders yet.

Lastly, the interest in reading books has kicked in.  Sometimes they like to sit in the floor and look at the books themselves.  Most of the time though, I sit down in the recliner, pull each one up onto a side of my lap and I have a stack of 4-5 books next to me on the piano bench.  They both get into a tussle over turning the pages so I have to make them alternate turning the pages.  Reading covers all the senses.  We have books that have textures to touch, books with vivid colors to see, different pitches and tones of characters to hear, a few books with stickers to smell and every picture of eggs needs to be licked for taste.

While we had so much fun learning the past two days, my favorite time was just sitting quietly and watching a water fountain at the park.  A peaceful moment in the day given as a wonderful mercy for me to cherish.


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