Tot School 22.5mo – Shapes, Balance & Cleaning

James and Lance are so overtired that they just whined and cried over the smallest things.  So tot school gave them something to focus on today.  It went on all this morning, into the afternoon, to keep them busy, so they have learned bunches in just one day.  In fact, it’s been my favorite tot school time in the past few months, even with all the fussing and impatience.

We started out playing with our shape sorter ball.   While I did have to referee taking turns putting the shapes in, Lance repeated the trapezoid name back to me today.  Last week in church nursery, one of the teachers said he was impressed that our boys knew the oval name.  Just think how surprised he’ll be if Lance identifies the trapezoid next week.   I think it wan’t until elementary school that I learned the trapezoid.  Makes me laugh thinking about it.







Next I pulled out our medium size green ball.  The boys just love anything to do with balls.  So it was really easy to get them to practice their gross motor skills by sitting on the ball.  Like everything else, they each completed it at differing ability levels.  James had a harder time staying on the ball because he just couldn’t keep his feet and arms still.  Lance though just jumped on and sat like a hen on an egg.

That’s my little hen!


So while I’m at it with the teaching thing, how about getting an early start on combatting personal entitlement.  When I look into the future, I don’t want to see two eighteen year old boys who think that life and everyone in it owes them something.  So I’m trying small things now to help lessen those awful teenage years of entitlement.  So while learning to help mommy clean the house, right now, is totally fun, it’s setting the stage that everyone in the family has responsibilities.  I gave each of them a clean, damp rag and showed them how to wipe off the window sill in the kitchen.  Lance just went nuts over it.  He cleaned the window sill, the window itself, the door, the floor and three other windows/sills before he stopped.  When I praised Lanced in a big way, James ran over to get his rag again and started cleaning the floor too.







The best part was when I grabbed my long arm duster to get the cobwebs off the ceiling and walls.  By this time the boys had little patience left and they following me around crying for the duster.  It’s moments like that  when I have such a hard time holding my tongue.  When I finished my dusting, it was evident that while they may have been whining and crying, they had been watching me.  They giggled when they each got a long arm duster.  Away they went through the house dusting everything they could.  The floor even got dusted.  This one activity kept them busy for 30min.  Now it will take me 15min to straighten up anything that is hanging on the walls, but that’s not a bad trade-off.



The cleaning ended when James hit Lance on the head, I think by accident, so Lance went charging, not by accident, at James with the handle looking like a javelin.  So while I might have made an impact on entitlement and responsibility, the concept of kindness might need to be revisited very soon.  The chores that I find hard to fit into my schedule turned out to be my mercies in disguise today.


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