The Funny Award

And the funny award goes to…..James Davis!  It’s been a long time since I laughed so hard that my stomach hurt and I cried.  Yesterday evening was just so funny.  It’s been so hot here in Texas.  Yesterday we went outside in the backyard at 7pm.  It was still 101 on the thermometer.  The boys were nagging at me to take off their shirts, so off they came.  We put cold water in the kiddie pool and soon their diapers were soaked to the hilt.  So off the shorts came too.  Naked, naked, naked and the boys like it that way.  Just to be clear, I’d never let my boys go naked in the front yard or out in public, but this is our own backyard.  James was trying to slide down the plastic slide and his skin was getting a small rub mark.  Being the compassionate mom that I am, I decided to help him out a little.  I took the water and sprayed the slide down.  Then when James got up to the top to slide down, I ran the water down it too.   Do you remember seeing cartoons where someone slipped on a banana peel and went shooting across the floor?  James did exactly that.  He shot down that slide faster than my eyes could keep up and he skidded across a patch of grass too.  Usually he stops when his feet hit the grass at the bottom, but this time he slid down on his back and his feet were pointed toward the sky so there was no stopping.  I created a slip in slide on the grass without the plastic slide.  It was so funny because I wasn’t expecting him to shoot out that fast.  My own little naked cannon ball.  It’s moments like this that moms need to feel free to laugh.  I laughed at how funny it looked.  I laughed at the speed.  I laughed at his feet in the air.  I laughed because I didn’t think about the water doing that.  I laughed because I was the one who created the error by not thinking it through.  It’s ok to laugh at my mistakes, especially ones that have such a funny outcome.

Besides several other funny events yesterday, we managed to get some tot school in.  Tot school made me laugh too, though not as hard.  We worked with the shape puzzle and the ball shape sorter.  Every shape on the puzzle that Lance picked up, he loudly declared that it was an oval or a diamond.  I know he will eventually get them right.  Just like yesterday, when we were done with the puzzle, the pieces became hockey pucks to be catapulted under the fridge.  We also pulled out the old ball shape sorter.  This was this weeks batch of the toy rotation. It has more shapes to it than the newer shape sorters on the shelves now.  Lance is doing a good job of repeating the name of the shape he is working on after I say it, but James is still being quiet about the name of shapes.  I think it’s his way of taking the time to process the new shape names.  He generally needs more time to adjust to new concepts than Lance.  So as we played today, I would encourage James to repeat the names too and when he didn’t I did not pressure him.  Learning is happening, it’s just not to the point yet that I can visibly measure it, but it’s happening.

So to remind all moms out there, if something funny pops up during your day, take the time to laugh, really laugh.  Savor that moment and remember the fun times with your kids.  They will only be young for a little while.


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