Tot School 22.5mo twins – Not Gonna Happen

The boys have been working on a puzzle of basic shapes and they don’t quiet have them down yet.  So I thought we would do a great tot school on shapes this morning.  But I had to say it’s not gonna happen.  You heard it right, I admitted defeat and I said it’s not gonna happen.  Some mornings just go that way.  Especially with twins.  When one boy gets a wild hair, it just draws the other one in too.  James was the one who got the wild hair first.  He just wasn’t going to sit still and be quiet.  In fact, he couldn’t even leave the toys alone and he had to give them the old heave-ho over the gate into the foyer.  I mean all of them, every last toy that we have in our toy box.  From his perspective, this morning was a glorious time.  I think the following must be what James was thinking:  Mom stepped back, sat on the couch and laughed at the crazy fun we were having.  She must think were so funny and great because I think I am.  I ran to toy box, grabbed the first toy I could get, ran as fast as I could over to the gate and gave the toy a great big heave-ho.  I just love using my muscles, they are so cool.  I hear the sound of crashing  so that means to turn around and high tale it back to the toy box for another round.  Crash, crash, crash over and over again on the tile floor.  That’s the best sound while playing.  The shrill laughter coming from me that makes brother shout and giggle with me is just fun to do.  I have to keep going.  Oh, there’s no more toys to throw and now I can take a break with a great sense of pride in doing a job well done to completion.  Mom always says to try to do my tasks to the best of my ability.  Nicely done self!

Down to the last tiny toy


This afternoon I wanted to try the tot school again, but I ended up saying it’s not gonna happen again.  The boys just couldn’t stay still and I finally surrender to letting them get their energy out.  Dad built a great climbing structure awhile back and we put it in their room.  They climbed up on it, jumped around and then jumped off the edge into mom’s arms.  This tiresome cycle went on for 30min before mom called it quit.  I think they could have jumped forever.  Then we went in to the couch to read and cool off before nap time.  The jumping worked like a charm because they fell asleep right away. 

So the day did not go as I had planned,  if it had, they would have learned their shapes better.  But I am trying to learn to just go with flow when my plans don’t match up with the boys.    Their little minds weren’t growing in the traditional academic way, but their motor skills were getting a good workout.  As a mom, I’m glad that I stopped, laughed and enjoyed their crazy play today.  It made me a much happier mommy.  By the way, the shape puzzle did get used, only the shapes became hockey pucks that were flung underneath the refrigerator.


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